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Meaghan is an East Coast girl living in this Frisco, Texas world with her husband, three crazy kids and one giant dog. As our Sr. Food & Restaurant Writer, she’s an avid reader, extroverted introvert, and lover of twinkle lights. A few years ago she decided to turn her passion for cooking and sharing life into a blog and has since created a community of like-minded people who love real food and real life over at BeautyfromBurntToast. There she tells stories about her wild and crazy life, some will make you laugh and some will make you cry, but she always hopes to leave you encouraged (and well-fed) at the end of the day.

June 18, 2021 organic food produce

Does Eating Organic Really Matter? Your Questions Answered

This article is sponsored by Clean Juice. All-natural. Grass-fed. Pasture-raised. Non-GMO. No...

by Meaghan Dawson
May 12, 2021 cold press juice

So What’s the Deal with Cold Pressed Juice?

Sponsored by Clean Juice. At the risk of aging myself, I\'ll open this article by telling you that when I was little, there...

by Meaghan Dawson
April 2, 2021 juice cleanse
Health & Fitness

When a Foodie Does a Juice Cleanse

This article is sponsored by Clean Juice. I\'m a foodie through and through. It’s not just what I do for a living. It\'s...

by Meaghan Dawson
February 24, 2021 clean juice frisco 4182

Clean Juice in Frisco: Healthy in Body, Strong in Spirit

For some people, clean is a verb. It means, literally, to clean something. To some, it\'s an adjective, describing a tidy and...

by Meaghan Dawson
January 15, 2021 coffee shop

New Frisco Coffee Shops for the New Year

I know I may be just a teeny bit biased, but I truly do believe that Frisco is home to some of the best coffee shops in North...

by Meaghan Dawson
January 8, 2021 The Dawson Family Frisco TX
Feature Articles

Frisco Boy Turns Painful Journey Into Hope For Others

This article was originally published by Beauty From Burnt Toast, authored by Meaghan Dawson. We are honored to share this...

by Meaghan Dawson
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