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Korinna is a Sr. Contributing Writer who has her pulse on the Frisco at all times. If you need to know the places to see and be seen, Korinna always has the scoop. In her free time she is a voracious reader, documentary addict, amateur turophile, culture junkie, and urban explorer. She works for Frisco ISD since 2007 where she has been an advocate for students and teachers in numerous roles.

May 27, 2020 Zoom call tips
Feature Articles

8 Easy Ways to Look Your Best When Zooming

Whether you are Zoom dating, sitting in on an important meeting with your coworkers, or checking in with your family, we all need...

by Korinna Kirchhoff
April 16, 2020 meditation mental health woman
Health & Fitness

5 Practical Ways to Support Mental Wellness at Home

We\'re all on social media a lot right now checking on friends and family around the world, and getting the latest news relating...

by Korinna Kirchhoff
April 2, 2020 coyote
Feature Articles

How to Coexist with Urban Wildlife in Frisco 

Recently, my daughters and I were playing in a creek by our house when one of the girls froze in place and stared behind me just...

by Korinna Kirchhoff
February 6, 2020 Chriss Specialty Foods 1 1

Chris’s Specialty Foods is Certified Louisiana, Certified Cajun

Feature Image courtesy of Chris\'s Specialty Foods. As Frisco grows, new shops have stepped up to fill in the gaps and to me,...

by Korinna Kirchhoff
February 3, 2020 paris
Give For Frisco

Elevate Your Valentine’s with World-Class Music and Art

Ready or not, Valentine\'s Day is almost here. Let\'s face it, this most romantic of holidays can become oversaturated with...

by Korinna Kirchhoff
January 28, 2020 tex mex food copy

Tex-Mex Restaurants in Frisco That Will Keep You Coming Back

Everyone has their own criteria for excellent Tex-Mex. While one person might judge a restaurant by its margaritas, another will...

by Korinna Kirchhoff
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