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Kim is a quirky Midwestern that beats to her own drum. She taught yoga in Kansas City for seven years and worked on grant funded healthcare initiatives. Kim has a master’s degree in Social Gerontology and is very passionate about helping people successfully age in place. In the fall of 2016 the Kansas City native uprooted to Frisco due to her husband’s job relocation. Frisco was the ideal place to raise their three children due to the amazing schools. In Kim’s spare time she is an avid runner, yogi, and foodie. And she loves to shop at local boutiques.

December 10, 2018 2717Fit Frisco 2
Health & Fitness

‘Find Your Better’ at 2717Fit in Frisco

How do you SLAY your workout? At 2717Fit, where \"Iron Sharpens Iron!\" You might be familiar with the scripture \"Iron...

by Kim Axtell
November 27, 2018 Fuego Kitchen

Fuego Kitchen Offers Casual, Flavorful Tex Mex in Frisco

Your attention, please! Have you tried that fantastic little Tex-Mex venue in Frisco called Fuego Kitchen yet? If not, you’re...

by Kim Axtell
November 23, 2018 squat glutes exercise
Health & Fitness

How Low Can You Go? 3 Ways to Strengthen Your Glutes

This article is sponsored by Practical Fitness. Flo Rida sings about how \"Shawty got low low low low…\" While that\'s a...

by Kim Axtell
November 16, 2018 homecoming
Kids & Family

Hoco Through the Eyes of a Frisco Freshman

Hoco. Apparently, the traditional Homecoming weekend now has its own acronym! This was news to me this year as a first-time...

by Kim Axtell
November 15, 2018 The Sauna Room Frisco Infrared
Health & Fitness

Ready, Set, Glow – Welcome to The Sauna Room Frisco

At some point in your life, you\'ve probably tried a sauna, whether it was wood-burning, steam or infrared. A sweat session is a...

by Kim Axtell
November 5, 2018 Title Boxing Frisco 2
Health & Fitness

How to Curb Holiday Weight Gain and Boost Body Confidence

This post is sponsored by Title Boxing Club Frisco. It\'s a one-two-punch of holiday hoopla between now and the end of the...

by Kim Axtell
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