the star in frisco

March 9, 2020 HeirloomHaul 04

Heirloom Haul at The Star Has a Style All of Its Own

Take one step into Heirloom Haul at The Star and you’ll feel it. It’s almost a slight atmospheric shift, where the light...

by Meaghan Dawson
February 28, 2020 Keisha Dunlap on Hustle and Pro

Collegiate Sports Diehard from Athlete to Operations

Subscribe on iTunes! Subscribe on Google Play Podcast RSS Feed Keisha Dunlap talks to us about her journey from being a...

by Kelly Walker
February 11, 2020 ConferenceUSA Hoops at the star 3

College Basketball Bounces Back to Frisco with Conference USA Action

Much like the City of Frisco, Conference USA continues to push boundaries to become a brand of innovation. Last year's C-USA...

by Kelly Walker
February 10, 2020 Wahlburgers Family around Table

Wahlburgers is a Family Affair Rich in Flavor

Featured Image courtesy of Wahlburgers. When you hear the name Wahlberg, you probably think about action movies and big...

by Meaghan Dawson
December 10, 2019 Twelve Cowboys Way 2

Twelve Cowboys Way is the Most Coveted Address in Frisco

Officially launched earlier this year — and possibly one of the most coveted address in the area — Twelve Cowboys Way is...

by Yvonne Brown
November 27, 2019 nutcracker

Must-See Holiday Productions In and Around Frisco

There’s no shortage of festive holiday productions in the North Texas area and we’re fortunate to have many options right...

by Korinna Kirchhoff
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