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Brandon grew up in Plano, but after graduating from Baylor he decided to be his own man and move far away from his family's nest. He's lived in Frisco since 2003 like a true rebel. Brandon's first short story was published by his third grade teacher for a prestigious Open House and was met with great acclaim by his parents and maybe some other people who had kids in his class. Since then, he has written educational videos for K-12 learning, graphic novels for reading recovery programs, a personal Dallas Mavericks blog, emails, grocery lists, social media posts, some sternly worded letters, and a couple of screenplays that no one wants to produce. If that list of accolades hasn't amazed you, then congratulations. You're normal. (I'm Brandon May, and I approve this message.)

August 27, 2020 texas legends Payne 20

A Texas Legends Reunion Inside the NBA Orlando Bubble

This article is sponsored by the Texas Legends. Featured image credit: Chris Covatta/NBAE via Getty Images. The G-League...

by Brandon May
August 7, 2020 Kartland 0F0A5423

Kartland Waves the Green Flag for Indoor Frisco Fun

I understand these are really bad puns right from the word “Go,” but I’m going to cut to the chase and steer you to the...

by Brandon May
July 22, 2020 Quarantine Cupcakes 7
Shopping & Services

Quarantine Cupcakes: A Sweetly Contagious Local Business

I don’t know what confectionary rock I’ve been living under my entire life, but it wasn’t until a couple of months ago that...

by Brandon May
July 8, 2020 grandparents covid
Feature Articles

Letters to Gramma: Sending Smiles While Social Distancing

What if you could write a letter to Gramma right now? I lost my Gramma almost a year ago. I lost my Pa-Paw a couple of years...

by Brandon May
June 17, 2020 Dos and Donts of Home Renovation
Feature Articles

14 Do’s and Don’ts When Renovating Your Home: A Husband’s Perspective

“All the Dude ever wanted was his rug back.” – The Big Lebowski, 1998 The Big Lebowski is my all-time favorite cinematic...

by Brandon May
June 9, 2020 The Tower at The Rail Frisco TX 7
Real Estate

A Tale of Two Towers: Frisco’s Continuing Rail District Revitalization

This article is sponsored by Nack Development. Google “City of Frisco” and go to Images. You’ll see aerial pictures of...

by Brandon May
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