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As a Sr. Sports Writer, Brandon grew up in Plano, but after graduating from Baylor he decided to be his own man and move far away from his family's nest. He's lived in Frisco since 2003 like a true rebel. Brandon's first short story was published by his third grade teacher for a prestigious Open House and was met with great acclaim by his parents and maybe some other people who had kids in his class. Since then, he has written educational videos for K-12 learning, graphic novels for reading recovery programs, a personal Dallas Mavericks blog, emails, grocery lists, social media posts, some sternly worded letters, and a couple of screenplays that no one wants to produce. If that list of accolades hasn't amazed you, then congratulations. You're normal. (I'm Brandon May, and I approve this message.)

January 22, 2021 students leadership 1
Kids & Family

Leadership Prep School Frisco: Empowering the Future

This article is sponsored by Leadership Prep School. Many of us were (or currently are) school children sitting in a...

by Brandon May
December 7, 2020 elf on the shelf
Kids & Family

A Suggestion Letter from Your Elf on the Shelf

To Whom It May Concern: My name is UPC 14085-10204, but my American family calls me Pixie. I’m what you playfully refer to...

by Brandon May
December 2, 2020 holidays Christmas obsessed decor
Feature Articles

I Unknowingly Married into a Christmas Obsessed Family

I’m a “Bah-Humbug” by nature. I’m not saying I reside alone counting my gold ducats by the ominous, dancing lights of a...

by Brandon May
October 27, 2020 Kartland Performance Indoor Raceway

Kartland Frisco: The Original Drive-By Birthday Party

This article is sponsored by Kartland Performance Indoor Raceway.  You’ve all seen the signs in the front yards of your...

by Brandon May
October 26, 2020 Matt Calloway The Patios at The Rail
Real Estate

The Patios at the Rail: A Metamorphosis on Main Street

This article is sponsored by Nack Development. Featured image courtesy of Matt Calloway. The development and reimagining of...

by Brandon May
October 16, 2020 Music Outdoor Concert 1
Give For Frisco

A New Melodic Twist of Hope on an Old Classic in Frisco

This article is sponsored by Melody of Hope. Melody of Hope’s Encore! Drive-In Music Festival is coming up soon. Friday,...

by Brandon May
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