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As a Sr. Sports Writer, Brandon grew up in Plano, but after graduating from Baylor he decided to be his own man and move far away from his family's nest. He's lived in Frisco since 2003 like a true rebel. Brandon's first short story was published by his third grade teacher for a prestigious Open House and was met with great acclaim by his parents and maybe some other people who had kids in his class. Since then, he has written educational videos for K-12 learning, graphic novels for reading recovery programs, a personal Dallas Mavericks blog, emails, grocery lists, social media posts, some sternly worded letters, and a couple of screenplays that no one wants to produce. If that list of accolades hasn't amazed you, then congratulations. You're normal. (I'm Brandon May, and I approve this message.)

March 31, 2020 The Ritchey Gin Frisco Texas Nack Dev
Real Estate

The Ritchey Gin – A Frisco Development “Ritch” in History

This article is sponsored by Nack Development. The Ritchey Gin building held many names and purposes over the last century or...

by Brandon May
March 18, 2020 father daughter parents teenagers
Kids & Family

Bore-antine: 20 Things to Do With Your Teen While On Shutdown

Written together by father and daughter, Brandon May and Payton May. A Covid-19 quarantine doesn’t have to be a bore-antine...

by Brandon May
March 4, 2020 TexasLegends 200223 08

Even Frisco’s Texas Legends Players Might Need an Assist

This article is sponsored by the Texas Legends. You’ve watched them play. Your kids have marveled at their size and skill....

by Brandon May
January 16, 2020 Downtown Frisco Texas
Real Estate

Downtown Frisco Development Speaks a Different Language for Growth

“That’s not the downtown Frisco I grew up with.” It’s not a direct quote; it’s more like a paraphrase that can be...

by Brandon May
January 10, 2020 TexasLegends 2019 20 1

Not All Future Legends Play for the Texas Legends

This article is sponsored by the Texas Legends. In case you didn’t know, the Toronto Raptors are the 2018-2019 NBA...

by Brandon May
December 16, 2019 romance
Feature Articles

How to Write a Romantic Christmas Movie Screenplay


by Brandon May
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