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She may have been born in NY, but Morgan’s heart beats only for Texas. A resident of Frisco for the past five years, this clever ginger attempts to divide her time amongst several honorable efforts: working freelance (#GetPaid), attempting a straight face when her two young sons make poop jokes (#MomFail), trying not to burn the beans or toot in the sheets (#TheGoodWife), drinking wine (#RoseAllDay), and forcing her dear friends to read her erotic literature (#NSFW.) As a Sr. Contributing Writer, she is apologetic for such a pragmatic biography, but counters that this isn’t an online dating profile. #SorryNotSorry

April 1, 2019 cookie dough

Have Your Cookie Dough and Eat it Too

When I woke up this morning, I shocked myself to find perfectly clean, hung-up, jeans in my closet. I’m typically a straight...

by Morgan Kosinski
February 21, 2019 Boxcar house
Shopping & Services

From Salvage to Showroom, the Difference is in the Details

This article is sponsored by Boxcar House. For the past 13 years, I’ve been dining on my husbands’ ex-girlfriend\'s...

by Morgan Kosinski
January 24, 2019 Junior League of CC
Feature Articles

Confessions of a Junior League Cynic

When I was old enough to know better, but still too young to question everything, I learned about the Junior League. Basically,...

by Morgan Kosinski
January 14, 2019 First Defense Solutions 2019 - 5
Kids & Family

Navigating Teen Dating Relationships and Human Trafficking Risks

This article is sponsored by First Defense Solutions. In 1996, the talk around my 9th grade homeroom was how everyone watched...

by Morgan Kosinski
December 6, 2018 The Family Place - Woman&Child
Feature Articles

The Family Place – Where Family Violence STOPS

Funny, it only costs me the breath I lose when I say, “Why didn’t she just leave?” Sadly, I’ve known many women, and...

by Morgan Kosinski
November 6, 2018 JLCC-NeathTheWreath-17-2072

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Market is Back – ‘Neath the Wreath

If Pinterest and ETSY had a baby during the holiday season, it would be ‘Neath The Wreath. Get ready - the Junior League of...

by Morgan Kosinski
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