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She may have been born in NY, but Morgan’s heart beats only for Texas. A resident of Frisco for the past five years, this clever ginger attempts to divide her time amongst several honorable efforts: working freelance (#GetPaid), attempting a straight face when her two young sons make poop jokes (#MomFail), trying not to burn the beans or toot in the sheets (#TheGoodWife), drinking wine (#RoseAllDay), and forcing her dear friends to read her erotic literature (#NSFW.) She is apologetic for such a pragmatic biography, but counters that this isn’t an online dating profile. #SorryNotSorry

August 24, 2020 derma lift face lift plastic surgery

Does Mommy Need a Makeover? Asking for a Friend…

This article is sponsored by Lone Star Plastic Surgery. Confession: Its been over six months since I’ve bought new...

by Morgan Kosinski
August 3, 2020 wealthwave 4
Shopping & Services

You Need to Up Your Gain Plan

This article is sponsored by Texas WealthWave. Y’all remember a few months ago when the average conversation amongst Frisco...

by Morgan Kosinski
June 3, 2020 learning kids
Kids & Family

Is Your Student Prepared for the Next School Year?

I actually wrote on our elementary’s school survey last week, “If my kids cannot return in the fall, I will set myself on...

by Morgan Kosinski
November 12, 2019 North Texas Turkey Trot 2

The North Texas Turkey Trot – Frisco’s Thanksgiving Tradition

Photos courtesy of North Texas Turkey Trot. Thanksgiving Day I basically have two options: sit awkwardly in a kitchen making...

by Morgan Kosinski
June 13, 2019 closet clothes hangers
Shopping & Services

This is How Your Closet Can Change Someone’s Life

I have tried to write this piece for months. MONTHS. It should be simple - talk about The Family Place Resale Shop and get...

by Morgan Kosinski
April 1, 2019 cookie dough

Have Your Cookie Dough and Eat it Too

When I woke up this morning, I shocked myself to find perfectly clean, hung-up, jeans in my closet. I’m typically a straight...

by Morgan Kosinski
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