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Yvonne Brown has been a resident of Frisco for over 8 years having relocated from Ireland with her husband and 2 daughters. With a 20-year background in Corporate Operations & Customer Service Management, she turned her skills to freelance writing, more recently specializing in residential and commercial real estate around North Texas. As a Sr. Contributing Writer, Yvonne also enjoys trying out new restaurants, kid-friendly places to explore and discovering all aspects of Frisco life as it grows. In her spare time, she likes to read, write fiction, run and enjoy the outdoors with her family.

September 12, 2019 birthday party 3
Kids & Family

How to Host a No-Toys Birthday Party

I eased myself out backward from under my almost 8-year old’s bed, dragging yet another Barbie. That was number 17! With toys,...

by Yvonne Brown
September 11, 2019 Crafted workshop Frisco 2
Shopping & Services

Being Crafty is Easier Than You Think at Crafted in Frisco

This article is sponsored by Crafted in Frisco. A few years ago, Melissa Winton\'s dream came true when her self-proclaimed...

by Yvonne Brown
August 15, 2019 Formation at The Star in Frisco 3
Shopping & Services

Work ‘The Cowboys Way’ at Formation in Frisco

Photo credit: Suad Bejtovic Photography Frisco is home to many start-ups, entrepreneurs and small businesses. As a result,...

by Yvonne Brown
August 6, 2019 North Texas Performing Arts Frisco
Real Estate

Magic is What Happens When Collaboration Meets Creativity in Frisco

This article is sponsored by Nack Development. Those who know me personally or read my articles know that I have a soft spot...

by Yvonne Brown
August 2, 2019 home real estate
Real Estate

4 Reasons it’s a Great Time to Talk to a Lender

This article is sponsored by Trinity Oaks Mortgage. Trinity Oaks Mortgage burst on the scene here in Frisco earlier this year...

by Yvonne Brown
July 12, 2019 Countdown2Escape

3 Ways to Escape and Experience New Adventures in Frisco

This article is sponsored by Countdown 2 Escape. Recently I found myself relaxing with a glass of wine in hand, some great...

by Yvonne Brown
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