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Scott is the Co-Founder and COO of Lifestyle Frisco, CEO/Founder of, and the Co-Founder of Nemedic. You can also find Scott on Twitter or Google+.

July 5, 2018 moving to frisco
Shopping & Services

What You Need To Know About Moving Insurance

Sponsored by Ann Anderson Insurance Whether you\'re moving to Frisco, within Frisco, or (gasp) out of Frisco.. moving is tough...

by Scott Ellis
July 3, 2018 legacy-locators-logo
Real Estate

Legacy Locators

We are DFW\'s premier Apartment Locators and want to help you find your new home! Looking for the perfect apartment in Frisco?...

by Scott Ellis
July 3, 2018 Jenny Dean Fitness cover

Injecting New Energy In The Frisco Fitness Scene With Jenny Dean

When it comes to fitness, getting started is often the hardest part. Jenny Dean will get you going, keep you going, and encourage...

by Scott Ellis
June 26, 2018 practical fitness on the frisco podcast

How To Get Fit in One Hour Per Week With Practical Fitness

Practical Fitness is about the quality of time spent working out. By employing a deep understanding of the science of exercise,...

by Scott Ellis
June 22, 2018 bottled in bond

Bottled In Bond – Experience Classic Cocktails and Finer Foods in Frisco

In 1857, the Bottled-In-Bond Act was passed to create a standard of quality for Bourbon Whiskey. Today, many producers consider...

by Scott Ellis
June 5, 2018 devance-electronic-lifestyle-logo

Home Automation And Mind Blowing Theater from DeVance Electronic Lifestyle

&Subscribe to the Frisco Podcast on iTunes!  or get the Podcast RSS Feed Show Notes & Links: DeVance...

by Scott Ellis
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