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Scott is the Co-Founder and COO of Lifestyle Frisco, CEO/Founder of, and the Co-Founder of Nemedic. You can also find Scott on Twitter or LinkedIn.

October 16, 2018 kevin-hail

Kevin Hail – How Advocating for Breast Cancer Patients and Driving Awareness Saves Lives

When it comes to Breast Cancer there\'s a good chance you\'ve known someone who was affected, even if you weren\'t aware. Frisco...

by Scott Ellis
October 9, 2018 kevin-carswell

Kevin Carswell Will Make You Crave Coffee and Cry Out for Cold Brew

If you love coffee, and most of us do, Kevin Carswell is the man you want to know. In this episode, he digs into the details of...

by Scott Ellis
October 2, 2018 malcolm-farmer-texas-legends-president

Malcolm Farmer – On The Texas Legends as a Community Force

The Texas Legends are a force in the NBA G-League in more ways than one. They\'re setting G-League records for attendance and...

by Scott Ellis
September 25, 2018 andre-angel of tangotab

TangoTab – An Exciting Entrepreneurial Endeavor to Feed the Hungry

Serial entrepreneur Andre Angel started TangoTab following a volunteer experience that brought him face-to-face with today\'s...

by Scott Ellis
September 19, 2018 Tammy Meinershagen

All Eyes Are on the Arts in Frisco – The Inside Story With Tammy Meinershagen

As Frisco grows, so does everything about it. Thanks to Tammy Meinershagen and the Frisco Associate for the Arts, the Frisco Arts...

by Scott Ellis
September 12, 2018 freshii-logo

The Freshii Obsession: Better Food, Better Business, Better Life

Sonia Elhence has a passion for food that is not only nutritionally sound, but tasty, balanced, and accessible. As an...

by Scott Ellis
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