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With over 20 years intra- and entrepreneurial experience, Wendi is the Co-Founder and CEO at Lifestyle Frisco. A Frisco-focused Digital Diva, Public Speaker, Champagne Snob, Shopaholic, Author, Aesthete, and Decoratif.

August 13, 2020 Survivor Story Treasured Vessels
Feature Articles

A Victim of Sexual Trafficking Shares Her Story of Survival

There are more than 40 million victims of human trafficking around the world, according to statistics from the International...

by Wendi McGowan-Ellis
August 12, 2020 lifestyle profiles 0105 dawn rice

Dawn Rice – A Move in the Write Direction!

Interview #105 We\'re thrilled to welcome Dawn Rice, founder of Write On! as she tells the story of opening her business this...

by Wendi McGowan-Ellis
July 30, 2020 lifestyle profiles 0104 kirsten adam lile

Kirsten and Adam Lile – It’s Your Move with the Cheney Group

Interview #104 With a passion for connecting the right family to the perfect home, Kirsten and Adam Lile have all the insights...

by Wendi McGowan-Ellis
July 15, 2020 lifestyle profiles 0103 mary von ahnen

Mary Von Ahnen – From the C-Suite to the Zen Zone

Interview #103 This week on LIFESTYLE PROFILES, let\'s meet Mary Von Ahnen... Former CIO of Fossil Group who\'s shifted her...

by Wendi McGowan-Ellis
July 14, 2020 Jenny Dean Fitness cover
Health & Fitness

Strongest at 40 – Get Dean Fit!

\"You can\'t exercise your way out of a bad diet.\" ~~ said someone smart. I hate that this is true. Especially after...

by Wendi McGowan-Ellis
July 1, 2020 lifestyle profiles 0102 melissa sherrill

Melissa Sherrill – Family Violence Stops at The Family Place

Interview #102 Did you know that on average nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner in the...

by Wendi McGowan-Ellis
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