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I usually have my nose in a book and my head in the clouds. I've been in Frisco since '92, and have loved watching my family grow up along with the city. I look for laughter and smiles. Fun fact: both are everywhere.

May 26, 2020 Write On Creative Writing Center 12.06.44 PM
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Creative Writing Lets Imagination Roam Free at Write On! Frisco

Writing is part choice, part calling. And while you don\'t have to do it particularly well to enjoy it, honing the craft can...

by Ellen Zarate
May 14, 2020 covid test

Do You Know How to Sign Up for a Free COVID-19 Test?

Testing, testing, testing. The words once reserved for mic checks at events without a care about social distancing have become a...

by Ellen Zarate
May 13, 2020 CodeAuthority 1
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How Fractional Digital Marketing Can Make Your Business Whole

Hats are cool. If like the vast majority of Americans, you\'re part of a small to midsized business, you\'re used to wearing a...

by Ellen Zarate
April 6, 2020 FriscoFD2

How ReNue RX is Responding to the Needs of Our First Responders

Trying times bring out the best in some people. It\'s not whether, but how they can help. Then, they mobilize. Not for...

by Ellen Zarate
March 2, 2020 sorry remorse
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Sorry, Not Sorry: An Unapologetic Look at Remorse

How many times have you apologized this week? Of those apologies, how many were for legitimate offenses, and how many were for,...

by Ellen Zarate
February 12, 2020 student tutoring
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How to Eliminate the Stress of the Test

This article is sponsored by Tutor Doctor Frisco-McKinney-Prosper. You\'ve been there. It\'s midnight on a school night....

by Ellen Zarate
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