Wing Nutz Brings Top-Notch Wings to Frisco

buffalo wings

Much like barbecue or hamburgers, buffalo wings are a matter of personal taste. Some like all “flappers,” the full wings, while others, like myself, prefer to order all drums because they hold more meat and contain more of that saucy goodness we all crave.

Some wing eaters like their wings as unbearably hot as possible, while others want to taste a nice flavor with a bit of heat but don’t want steam coming out of their ears. Well, meet one of Frisco’s newest wing places, Wing Nutz, with something for every wing lover.

Several months ago, Wing Nutz opened its first location just north of Toyota Stadium on Dallas Parkway, and despite being “the new kid in town,” their wings might be the best in town.

For one, Wing Nutz bakes their wings which reduces the calorie count by 75 percent. And, if you’re looking for chicken without any bad additives, Wing Nutz proudly serves cage-free, hormone-free, and steroid-free chicken.

I get it… you love your fried food, and you’re thinking baking the wings will kill the flavor. Well, in a word, no. Their wings are just as flavorful, if not more so, than any of their competitors.

With 18 different sauces to flavor up your wings, Wing Nutz has some interesting options like four BBQ-themed sauces (Carolina Mustard, Southern Honey BBQ, Chipotle BBQ and Jalapeno Honey BBQ), plus unusual flavors like Jamaican Jerk, Parmesan Curry, Southern Hotties, and Apricot Teriyaki.

If you happen to be one of those brave souls who say there’s no such thing as wings that are too hot for you, Wing Nutz will gladly spice up your choice of sauce by adding heat. They’ll ramp the heat level all the way up to what they call “Purgatory,” if you’re game.

Wing Nutz offers traditional bone-in or boneless wings in all ranges of quantities. “Dip and Go Naked” wings are also offered (these are wings without the breading), and an order of 10 comes with three dipping sauces.

One unique thing on their menu is what they call “Hog Wings” which are slow-cooked pork shanks eaten like typical wings. Wing Nutz also serves chicken tenders, also baked, and the usual appetizers like buffalo chips, nachos, quesadillas, and chips & salsa. Rounding out the menu are salads, sandwiches, burgers, wraps, and a complete dessert menu.

During a recent weekday, I called Wing Nutz to place a to-go order around lunchtime. The ordering process was simple, and my order of eight bone-in wings, all drums, with half being Caribbean Jerk and the other half being Traditional, was ready in 15 minutes.

At a total cost of about $9, my order included carrots, celery, and a choice of dressing (spicy bleu cheese for me!), I dug in and they were finger-licking amazing. The traditional wings had a nice, sweet flavor, and Wing Nutz’s drums have plenty of meat on them. The Caribbean Jerk wings were also savory with a nice back heat. I didn’t feel the heat for the first two or three wings, but they still had a nice flavor. However, once I got to the final two wings of the order, I tasted the heat and it was a nice punch.

In short, I think I might be hooked, and Wing Nutz could be my new go-to place for wings here in Frisco. So, check out “Paradise on Wings” for yourself.

Monday – Thursday  11AM – Midnight
Friday – Saturday  11AM – 1AM
Sunday  closed

Just north of Main Street on northbound side of Tollway
9500 Dallas Parkway, Suite 600,  Frisco, TX  75033