Welcome to The Rail District in Frisco, Texas

If you’ve passed through Downtown Historic Frisco in the last 24 hours you may have noticed something new. Look up and notice the freshly-adorned light pole banners along Main street between the Railroad tracks and Dogwood Street, introducing you to the area now officially known as The Rail District.

It All Started With a Conversation

In an effort to bring focus to the revitalization of the area, the Downtown Advisory Board members have explored ways to re-brand the historic area. What started as a short conversation turned into months of discussion, brainstorming, and sharing of ideas. This process produced an inspiring plan of how the area could evolve as a true destination, while also maintaining a strong connection to its roots.

Over the last couple of years, several investors have taken an interest in the area and foresee an energized future and vision.  They’ve enjoyed working alongside people and businesses that have been steadfast in the area for many years. The final vision was presented to the City Council last year and there was unanimous support to make it happen. The Rail District was born!

Working in conjunction with the Downtown Master Plan there’s a new energy and momentum that exists among residents and merchants in the area. Downtown Frisco will enjoy continued economic growth and development and become a place that people will visit, live, and enjoy spending time beyond just grabbing a quick coffee.

As the rebranding of the area begins to take shape, the light pole banners are only the beginning. Expect to see patios, plazas, parks, benches, and murals all depicting a rail theme.

Welcome to The Rail District in Frisco, Texas!

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