Vitality Bowls – Helping Frisco Keep 2018 Healthy Resolutions

This post is sponsored by Vitality Bowls.

A new year means resolutions for new beginnings. For most of us, that means a new plan for our refrigerators and menus. Fortunately, Vitality Bowls, a fast-casual franchise offering healthy options and a superfood-packed menu, is every Frisco resident’s best friend this time of year. Plus, with new menu additions that are unique, packed full of nutrition, and delicious, there is no better place to start 2018 than at their Eldorado location.

The staff at Vitality Bowls doesn’t just create amazing products with fantastic ingredients. They’re passionate about educating customers on health, nutrition, and the unique items that sprinkle themselves across the Vitality Bowls’ menu.

So as you kick off 2018 full of health and energy, try Vitality Bowls’ FIVE newest smoothies. Portable, sip-able nutrition, and all containing unique ingredients of the most mind-boggling variety.

Go Green

A smoothie boasting mint, dates, and kale, the Go Green contains spirulina, a blue-green algae high in protein, antioxidants, omegas, iron, and calcium. Little known to many is the fact that spirulina actually has more calcium than milk, so consider this smoothie a tasty way to avoid dairy.

Matcha Madness 

Including bananas, hemp, and acai, Matcha Madness is a better choice than nachos while you’re watching the big game this winter. Want to impress your friends during the commercial break? Explain that matcha is a tea packed with antioxidants that boosts metabolism, burns calories, and naturally detoxifies your body. The ultimate couch-potato workout… sip it up and slim down!

Immunity Smoothie 

Sick of trying to avoid the winter germs? Give your immune system a giant helping hand with this combination of raw ginger, fresh lemon, acerola (a fruit rich in Vitamin C), and camu camu, a nutrition-packed fruit found in the Amazon rainforest. Bonus? In addition to being a health power-house, this smoothie tastes like a juicy fruit basket jumped into your mouth.

Pitaya Punch 

This smoothie packs a Vitamin C punch reminding you of summer, with its tasty combination of strawberry, mango, and orange juice. The chia seeds that are included? Vitality Bowls includes them because chia seeds help lower cholesterol, are a great source of fiber and manganese, and are loaded with fatty acids. Chia seeds can even help diabetes patients manage their disease.

Maca Up 

We know what apples, oranges, and bananas are, but what the heck is maca? Vitality Bowls’ staff love this kind of question. Maca is a root powder high in iron and rich in calcium that can improve stamina, boost energy, and improve one’s mood. No better way to beat the winter blues!

Still hungry?

Vitality Bowls also has added two new acai bowls to help Frisco battle the winter. Their Detox Bowl features organic acai, a potent source of fiber, healthy omegas, valuable electrolytes, essential amino acids, and over ten vitamins and minerals.

Acai provides lasting energy, improves metabolism, promotes cardiovascular health, balances sugar levels, aids the digestive process, and supports the immune system… How about that addition to your 2018 diet resolutions!?

The Dragon Bowl boasts pitaya as the core ingredient and is bright pink in color (Valentine’s Day, anyone?). Pitaya has high levels of antioxidants, iron, and fiber. Providing lasting energy and high levels of magnesium, pitaya can help relax muscles, making it the perfect bowl for starting your day or fueling up before that new workout class you signed up for this month.

Will your health resolutions stay intact past January this year? With delicious, nutritious foods from Vitality Bowls, there are no excuses left.