Unrefined Bakery – Guilt-Free Sweet Treats

There are new guilt-free sweet treats being served up in Frisco!

That’s right.  You heard me.  Plus, this new bakery only bakes with the finest pure and whole ingredients.  With no chemicals or preservatives, this shop uses organic and non-GMO flours, sugars, fats dried fruits and nuts, and organic free-range eggs.  It’s 100% gluten- and soy-free.  If you have a food allergy, this bakery has your answer.  And, did I mention that with all of these healthy ingredients, it is also incredibly mouth-wateringly delicious?

What’s that bakery?  It’s called Unrefined Bakery and “unrefined & more” is being served up at Preston & 121.

Unrefined Bakery was started by the mother-daughter duo, Anne and Taylor.  Frustrated by the dearth of not-so-tasty healthy desserts, snacks, and bread options available in their local stores, they decided to forego the pre-made treats and set out to create their own.  They became chemists of the kitchen… mixing and remixing different recipes to find the perfect combination to make the healthy alternatives they desired.

It all began with the women making the recipes for their own savory pleasure, but they soon started gifting them to friends and family who also desired healthy alternatives or had food allergies.  Taylor’s wedding provided an opportunity for the pivotal moment of the business. For fun, a homemade treat was included in the guests’ gift-bags and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.  From there, the two made a leap of faith, quit their jobs, and focused their time and energy on their new venture.

And we are so thankful they did!  A good friend of mine recently learned that she is allergic to vast variety of foods, including fare with gluten.  Since then, she’s always on the hunt for healthy alternatives to satisfy that sweet craving she’s accustomed to satiating with ease.   Personally, I am allergy free (thankfully!) and have rarely opted for any gluten-free options when looking to get my sweet tooth on.  But, Unrefined changed my mind.  When I visited the shop, I opted for the Cinnamon Sweet Roll with pecans.  Oh. My. Gosh.  It was so delicious! It was sweet, warm, and yummy!  Just writing this and I’m already craving another.

Plus, I take comfort in knowing I’m chowing down on cookery that has a positive impact on both my body and the environment.  All their ingredients are GMO-free and organic, and if you have a food allergy, Unrefined Bakery likely has an option for you.

Since opening their doors, they’ve expanded from 19 to 180 different products… food bars, muffins, sweet breads, cakes, and more.  Each recipe is unique to Unrefined Bakery and created by Anne and Taylor for our tasting pleasure.  Their organic and positive environment impact doesn’t stop with their baked goods.  They also have their own blend of organic, fair trade coffees.  The employees of Unrefined are their own best customers.  Taylor, the daughter of the duo in dough, is a firm believer of the saying “you are what you eat” and loves that she can enjoy her products and feel good about what is going into her body.  The Paleo bread is a staple in her diet, and when she’s craving something a little more decadent, she usually opts for the “Cupcake of the Week,” her personal weekly creation.

Bakeries like Unrefined are truly changing the lives of those with severe food allergies.  Taylor says, “We have people with such severe food allergies.  We have multiple children that come in at age 4 or 5 that are still on formula because they are so allergic to the processes they can’t eat standard food.  We have all these success stories of kiddos who know they live on our food, but are so happy they aren’t on formula anymore.  It’s pretty rewarding.  We really underestimated how much of a dramatic effect we could have on the lives of people who have severe allergies.  It’s incredibly rewarding.

The Dallas location, Unrefined Bakery’s homebase, opened up in March 2010, and the Frisco location opened their doors in September 2013.  So, what’s next in Unrefined Bakery’s future?  Well first, I hope you stop by to get some samples of their delicious snacks.  Late in 2013 they’ll be opening up another Dallas location and hope to open up 3 more locations around DFW in 2014.

So, whether you’re looking for breads to eat on a daily basis, a snack with your morning cup of joe, a cake for a wedding, or a cupcake to satisfy any sweet tooth, Unrefined Bakery has what you’re looking for.

Mon – Thurs  10AM – 7PM
Fri – Sat  10AM – 8PM
Sunday closed

Southwest corner of Preston and Warren Pkwy
3411 Preston Road, #8,  Frisco, TX  75034