Unique Treats at Sweets On A Stick

When Nicki Cooley, founder of Sweets On A Stick, fell in love with making elaborate cake pops and gorgeous frosted cookies, she soon realized that her home’s dessert plates couldn’t keep up with her passion for baking.

People adored Nicki’s cake pops and cookies, and in 2012, she realized that her home kitchen couldn’t keep up with the demand for her whimsical creations. In 2015, she envisioned the perfect spot for her business’ next location… a charming old house right in the heart of downtown Frisco.

With all of the normal struggles that face a small business, nothing fell into place immediately, but in October 2017, Nicki opened Sweets On A Stick’s storefront which is open for visits by appointment only. She acknowledges that the name stems from her first passion, beautiful handmade cake pops.

In a profession where aesthetics frequently wins out over a quality product, Nicki is passionate about making creations that are not only aesthetically exquisite but tasty! She notes,

I really value a quality product. I want every little detail to be perfect. But I also want a great tasting sweet. So often beautiful cookies have rock hard icing, or the cake pops aren’t nice and round. People often say, ‘Oh it’s too pretty to eat!’ But I promise my products taste just as good as they look!

Sweets On A Stick now offers an extensive menu that includes seasonally-themed handmade cookies, macarons, dipped baked creations, meringues, and cake pops, personalized for custom orders. The shop has provided lovely original desserts for birthday parties, baby showers, weddings, and a variety of other events.

Sweets On A Stick will even create a full dessert table for an exquisite and memorable celebration. The Sweets On A Stick shop has hosted a huge range of fun events, from BYOB Girls’ Night Out parties to kiddo birthday parties. The shop can be reserved privately and has hosted all sorts of fun memorable events, from bachelorette parties to church group events.

Nicki’s newest favorite part of the business might be the classes that the shop has begun offering – and the additional courses she envisions offering soon.

At the beginning of this year, I started offering classes. It’s been really exciting to share my passion for these sweets with other people. Right now I’m focusing on ‘JUST FOR FUN’ sort of events, where you come, maybe bring some wine, and just relax and have a fun night out.

Next for Sweets On A Stick is to expand the types of classes I’ll be offering. I’d like to add some basic cookie and cake pop 101 type classes, where we dive deep into the process of creating these sweets. There are so many great tools and techniques and I’d love to share my knowledge on a deeper level!

Mother’s Day, graduations, summer showers, or parties might provide you with the perfect opportunity to try Sweets On A Stick’s fantastic menu by placing a custom order. Meanwhile, check out their extensive list of classes and learn a few new decorating tips yourself!