Transformation Boot Camp – Takeover Your Makeover

If you’re ready to take control of your fitness and look your best, then it might be time to take a look at Transformation Boot Camp.  For over 10 years they’ve been providing metabolic-boosting, body-sculpting workouts.  TBC accepts all fitness levels, ages, and capabilities in a positive, friendly, and team-oriented environment.  “Campers” will gain access to customizable meal plans and tools on the website that are designed for body fat reduction, and with courteous, professional, and motivational coaches, you are set for success.

The Frisco Preston Ridge coach, Joni Deardorff, says, “I spent most of my twenties having babies and being overweight.  I finally turned it around and started training and working out with TBC.  I am now in better shape than I was when I got married.  Coaching a boot camp was the main goal I had when I began the boot camp.  Fitness is now a passion, and I am enjoying seeing the results that my campers are getting!”

Individualized attention in small groups, and a lower price than other boot camps in the area differentiates TBC from other programs. Taking measurements and body fat percentages on the first day of camp, campers can track their progress through workouts designed to be fun yet effective so the hour just flies by.  Coaches switch up the routines and use alternative training tools such as suspension cables and slosh pipes to make the exercise fun.

Frisco Preston Ridge Botcamp Coach, Joni Deardorff

Mike Thornton, the founder and owner of TBC, has a passion for fitness.  He originally worked as a personal trainer and motivational speaker, but he found that boot camps were a great way to get that individualized attention for campers without them paying the large costs of personal training.  Joni adds, “I joined as a coach because I believe fitness is attainable for everyone.  I used to dread working out, and I ate whatever I wanted, and I payed the price.  My cholesterol was very high.  I was over 50 pounds overweight, and I was SO depressed because of it.  I want TBC to be the campers’ “thing,” as in some people run or jog, some people practice yoga.  I want to see people succeed and have fitness as one of their passions in life.”

To add an additional layer of success on the program, Transformation Boot Camp has partnered with AdvoCare, the premier supplementing brand out there.  So, not only can TBC work you out, they can provide supplements to campers, including meal replacement products, vitamins, and numerous products designed to help your metabolism and muscles function properly.


When walking out the building where I work, I saw this group of people on the lawn working out. I had never seen anything like it before. Everyone was moving, cheering, clapping, and having fun. I took a seat on a bench and just watched. I was thinking that it looked hard, but that maybe I could do that. I knew that I needed to be working out. I had exercised every now and then, but never on a consistent basis. I had been somewhat overweight for a while and had gained 20 more pounds in the past year. I felt uncomfortable, I did not feel good about my appearance, and knew I needed to do something.
What I saw looked like fun! I found out it was a boot camp – Transformation Boot Camp. I always thought boot camps were “yell in your face” type motivation, and that certainly was not for me. This was different. I contacted Mike Thornton, creator and trainer of TBC, and he told me his boot camp was non-military style and all about positivity. I asked him lots of questions and decided to join the next camp.At first it was tough. I was not sure I could do it, but Mike was there for me, as well as the rest of the campers. They were there cheering me on! It did not matter if I was slower than everyone else. It did not matter if I had to modify the exercise that we were doing. We all finished the drills together as a team. Within a couple months of going to TBC,  I asked Mike how soon after I reach my goal weight can I stop coming to camp. He said that I needed to come to maintain and that it was a life change that I was making.  I also changed the way I ate with the information that Mike provided on the camper section of the website. I made better choices and I had cut down on my portions.Well, it’s been 4 ½ years and I am still going to TBC and still making better choices when I eat. I love this program! I have lost 58 pounds and I am keeping it off! I feel good about my appearance and I am healthy! I have made new friends, and I have fun while working out! Transformation Boot Camp has truly “transformed” my life!  Thank You!      ~~ Robin Kaston
The Frisco Preston Ridge Camp and the Frisco Stadium Lane location start a new camp on Sept 16.  Preston Ridge meets MWF at 5:30am-6:30am, and Stadium Lane meets T/TH at 5:30 am and Sat at 7:00 am.  Campers can enter in the promo code EARLYBIRD to get a discounted rate of $89 for the first 4 weeks which is a $90 difference!  Sign up to be a lifestyle member, and they will automatically draft subsequent months, so campers aren’t having t re-enroll every month.  The weather is starting to change, so workouts are getting more and more comfortable to work in.  Please call Joni Deardorff at 972-821-2396 if you have any questions or visit the website.
Are you ready to take it to the transformational level?  If you were just needing a little nudge off the sofa, consider this your motivational call to create a brand new you!