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For business professionals, spending hours at the gym isn’t logical, especially when we crave efficiency in our lives. Juggling the work-life balance and then trying to squeeze in exercise can seem overwhelming at times.

Maybe you’ve had to put health and fitness on the back-burner. Don’t give up, because there are smarter ways to train and exercise! If you’re seeking to efficiently torch calories, jump-start the metabolism, and relieve stress,

All you need is one hour per week.

Practical Fitness in Frisco is helping people rethink their approach to exercise, and they’re producing rapid transformations along the way.

Because you only get one body…

Despite hectic schedules, all of us can find one hour per week to make our health a priority. And since you only get one body, make your mantra, “health first!” This can be done by utilizing the specialized Steady-Pace® method at Practical Fitness.

Jeff Gotte and Alcyr Coelho developed the exercise protocol, a science-based training method developed around, and comprised of, research-based principles in the areas of high-intensity exercise, undulating periodization, and bioenergetics of exercise physiology.

To put it simply, by slowing or decelerating the pace of each exercise, it allows the intensity levels to be performed at maximum capacity, creating a stimulus that the body can’t ignore. The Steady-Pace® method can be tailored to each client’s individual fitness level, abilities, and goals. Alcyr says,

The adaptation that your body will make due to the stimulus given (synthesizing new muscle and its supporting metabolic changes) brings great results such as higher muscular strength, endurance and tone, higher cardiorespiratory capacity, higher bone/joint strength and flexibility, and benefits to the endocrine system.

Behind the Business

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In 2009, fitness entrepreneurs and fitness gurus Jeff and Alcyr opted to take wellness to the next level and opened Practical Fitness in Austin, Texas. They currently have 2 studios there with a new location opening in August.

In 2017, they were looking to expand their business in the DFW area. Since Frisco was one of the top 15 fastest growing cities in the U.S., it was a no-brainer to open another studio in this prime market.

The studio is conveniently located at 8501 Wade Blvd in the Chapel Creek office complexes, the first in the Dallas area. Alcyr stated,

Our hope is to bring to the folks of Frisco the same benefits our clients have been seeing for the last nine years. Most of our clients have been with us for over six to seven years. Since our sessions are private one-on-one, we intimately know our clients, their lifestyle, their short and long term goals, and we fine tune their sessions to fully meet their life goals.

Keeping it Practical

Both Jeff and Alcyr are admirers of Arthur Jones, the inventor of the Nautilus (the first exercise machine) and Dr. Arlington Darden, who was named one of the top 10 health leaders by the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. Both are pioneers of the low-impact, high-intensity workouts that became the basis of Practical Fitness own technique, Steady-Pace®. Alcyr says,

Our objective was and is to make exercise practical, safe and effective, so everyone could greatly improve their own quality-of-life with a minimal investment of their time.

Practical Fitness was an easy decision when you combine Alcyr’s business experience and enjoyment of exercise, along with Jeff’s extensive background in Exercise Physiology. Jeff has a BA and MA from Texas State University and taught classes there as well.

Jeff and Alcyr have prioritized an involvement within the Frisco community. In addition to participating in the many events promoted by the Frisco Chamber, they’re supporters of the Frisco ISD Council of PTAs, the Kiwanis Club of Frisco and they volunteer within Frisco ISD. (They offer a 5% discount to members of these organizations!)

How the Studio Space is Unique

The Frisco facility was designed to provide private one-on-one training. The trainers strive to know you deeply, your ambitions, your goals, and limitations. From there they customize Steady-Pace® exercise techniques to fully match your needs. Alcyr says,

When you come to see us, our whole studio belongs to you. At Practical Fitness you’ll never be competing with anybody else but only with yourself, to reach the goals you’ve established. And those goals will be achieved with a maximum commitment of one hour of your time!

Practical Fitness understands the motto “one-size-fits-all” doesn’t always work in real life and especially not in the fitness industry. They have a wide variety of clients ranging from the super fit to individuals with severe and chronic health disabilities, as well as issues ranging from hip and knees replacements to lung transplants.

Many clients with high blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes have been able to stop taking their medication after a few months of training at Practical Fitness. By assisting clients to be proactive about their health they experience multiple positive benefits – more money in their wallet due to decreasing daily medications, and by extension, a reduction of side effects from those medications.

Products and Services

In addition to their brick-and-mortar studios, Practical Fitness offers two online services, both based on the Steady-Pace® method:

Practical Fitness in Frisco offers regular promotions throughout the year on special dates, such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Valentine’s Day. If you’d like to receive their newsletter to stay apprised of many contemporary health and fitness issues as well as promotions, subscribe at

No matter what obstacles you may be facing, don’t let them stand in the way of your health and fitness goals. Connect with Practical Fitness and find one hour per week to put your health first!