June 2, 2017 frisco-holy-yoga
Health & Fitness

Frisco Holy Yoga – Same Postures, Different Intention

On any given Monday evening when I arrive to my favorite yoga class, I'm a harried mess. I'm usually coming off a busy...

by Nicole Barron
January 31, 2014
Health & Fitness

Empower Your Body & Feed Your Soul at Hot Body Yoga

Calling all future, potential, professional, and “in-my-dreams” yogis! A new yoga studio in Frisco is ready to kick your butt...

by Lydia Boyce
August 20, 2013
Health & Fitness – Mom Focused Fitness in Frisco

PureFitMom is a stroller fitness program at the park for moms  with their little ones in tow.  Cardio, strength, Barre,...

by Wendi McGowan-Ellis
June 7, 2013
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Frisco Athletic Center

Forget what you think you know about the typical community rec center.  Frisco Athletic Center is 100,000 square feet of...

by Scott Ellis