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March 2, 2018 spring in frisco tx
Kids & Family

Spring Break in Frisco: Camps, Events, Things to Do

It's time for a break! Since the new year began, our Frisco kids have been working hard at school, navigating academics and...

by Nicole Barron
May 29, 2017 memorial day us flag and headstone of unknown solidier

This Week in Frisco – Week of Monday May 29, 2017

"School's out for summer... Out for summer. Out 'til fall. We might not go back at all!" Yep, it's the last week of alarm...

by Wendi McGowan-Ellis
May 22, 2017 Summer barbecue

This Week in Frisco – Week of Monday May 22, 2017

We're a week away from Memorial Day, and that means SUMMER is almost here! Born out of the Civil War and a desire to honor our...

by Wendi McGowan-Ellis
September 8, 2016

Frisco Events Weekend Round Up for Friday, September 9, 2016

There's a TON going on this weekend, Frisco, but for some reason it's mostly happening on Saturday... Pick your activities...

by Wendi McGowan-Ellis
September 6, 2016 911memorial-warren-sports-complex-frisco
Feature Articles

Two of the Most Peaceful Places in Frisco

As someone who has lived in Frisco since November 2003, I have naturally seen our fair 'burb change a great deal over the past...

by Stephen Hunt
May 31, 2016 joy
Health & Fitness

Do you have a JOY list?

The definition of joy is a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. I have came across the idea of a "JOY List" several times...

by Valoree Bowen
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