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May 22, 2019 board room office
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How to Stay in Business When Disaster Strikes

This article is sponsored by First Defense Solutions. You've probably heard the old saying, "Hope for the best but plan for...

by Mike Raye
January 14, 2019 First Defense Solutions 2019 - 5
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Navigating Teen Dating Relationships and Human Trafficking Risks

This article is sponsored by First Defense Solutions. In 1996, the talk around my 9th grade homeroom was how everyone watched...

by Morgan Kosinski
October 18, 2018 worried
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The Depths of Our Defense

This post is sponsored by First Defense Solutions. I have this fantasy: I’m FINALLY in the right place, at the right time,...

by Morgan Kosinski
June 6, 2018 lifestyle-profiles-0022-heidi-wysocki

Heidi Wysocki – Avoiding, Mitigating, and Overcoming Active Shooter Situations

Interview #22 We're 23 weeks into 2018, and across our country, there have already been 23 school shootings where someone...

by Wendi McGowan-Ellis
April 29, 2018 first-defense-solutions-logo
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First Defense Solutions

If you imagine a crisis as a single point in time, there are the periods before, during, and after. Our approach addresses all...

by Scott Ellis
April 16, 2018 This Week in Frisco 4.16.18

This Week in Frisco – Week of Monday, April 16, 2018

Let's catch a movie, Frisco! Enjoy a free screening of Dr. Seuss' The Lorax to commemorate Earth Day, or grab your lawn chairs...

by Nicole Barron
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