This is How We Roll in Frisco – Sushi Standouts

Frisco is home to a seemingly endless selection of dining options that range from casual fast food to high-end cuisine. While variety is a wonderful thing, many of us struggle when it comes to choosing a dinner destination.

Sushi has quickly become one of the most popular food choices in the area. From traditional offerings to crazy twists on a classic Japanese meal; you can find it all right here in Frisco.

Here are three spots for sushi that have caught our attention lately. Leave a comment below with your favorite!

Kura Revolving Sushi Bar

Kura Revolving Sushi Bar Frisco – Mini Salmon Cup

In 2018, Frisco welcomed Kura Revolving Sushi Bar and its unique take on sushi. Guests take a seat at the bar or at a booth and sushi is served on a conveyor belt that snakes throughout the restaurant. Rather than having to commit to just one or two full rolls, Kura makes it easy to explore a variety of combinations.

Each affordable sushi plate holds a few pieces of nigiri or sushi roll. Diners can sit back and relax while delicious plates pass by. Once you make a decision, simply grab the plate of your choice off the belt and enjoy! You can also use the tablet at your table to browse the full menu and make a custom order.

During their grand opening, Kura invited us to visit and experience their sushi for ourselves. View a slideshow, below, of some of the many items we sampled.

Specialty menu items include poké bowls, hand rolls, chicken wings, soup and more; all of which will appear on the belt in front of your table when they’re ready to enjoy.

At this point, you may be wondering how the staff can keep up with just how many small plates of sushi you’ve tried. The restaurant’s newest innovation is a convenient plate slot at the end of each table. An internal counter keeps track of how many plates you slide in, and you’ll even get a prize after 15 plates!

After you’ve enjoyed delicious bites of umami oil salmon nigiri, tuna steak, and fried chicken, simply tap the checkout button on your screen and your server will bring the check.

Kura’s variety and flexibility make it a must-try. Sushi enthusiasts will jump for joy at the number of dishes they can enjoy without breaking the bank, while newcomers will appreciate the chance to try a range of sushi options when they aren’t sure exactly what they may enjoy.

Sushi Marquee

Tucked away on the second floor of The Star in Frisco lies a stylish sushi experience that keeps us coming back. Sushi Marquee‘s 5,000 square foot restaurant blends great food and great times with an 80s and 90s homage to movies, tv shows and characters we all know and love. Every experience is unique.

With an open sushi bar and live kitchen, guests can watch the Executive Chefs and their teams and be right in the middle of the action.

Sushi Marquee “Spinal Tap”

The menu spans from sashimi to Waygu steak, with tasty hot plates, Japanese fare and sushi rolls in between. Not only are the entrees inventive and fun, but high-quality ingredients and careful preparation set Sushi Marquee apart from the rest.

The restaurant’s cocktail menu fuses traditional drinks with Japanese specialties, with delightful results. Enjoy the Pretty in Pink for a mix of gin, elderflower syrup and sparkling pink sake, or try the Matcha, Matcha Man fora unique libation that blends matcha green tea, whiskey and ginger beer with sweet fruity flavors.

If you visit Sushi Marquee strictly for the rolls, you won’t be disappointed. Tempura eel, spicy salmon, crab, and even lobster make their ways to the forefront of these tasty dishes that put a modern take on the sushi roll. Each order comes with around ten pieces of sushi, making this a perfect place to order a few rolls and share them at the table.

Buddha Belly Sushi

Buddha Belly Sushi offers a range of Asian fusion and sushi options. Stop in for lunch and enjoy a bento box or bowl that’s full of fresh, high-quality ingredients at an unbeatable price.

The inviting atmosphere makes Buddha Belly a great night out destination with friends or family, but it’s also casual enough to enjoy a quick lunch or meal with the little ones.

Buddha Belly

With menu items ranging from sushi and sashimi offerings to appetizers, hot plates, and salads, everyone in your party can find a dish they will truly enjoy.

When it comes to the sushi rolls, a few Buddha Belly favorites are sure to stand out. The Big Belly roll includes asparagus, avocado, and an entire lobster tail! If you’re a fan of spice, don’t miss the Wicked Tuna roll, Cherry Bomb roll, and even the Slap Ya Mama roll if you dare. These fiery creations feature ingredients like jalapeños, cayenne pepper, and spicy aioli. You can also pair your seafood with a bottle of sake, glass of wine or handcrafted cocktail.

Finish off your meal on a sweet note with a deep-fried Snickers bar (the Snick Attack) or some classic mochi ice cream. Buddha Belly is one local favorite to keep on your short list!

Where is your favorite place for Sushi in Frisco? Leave us a comment below!