TheCoderSchool Comes to Frisco

Opening Saturday, February 18, 2017, theCoderSchool teaches kids ages 8 – 18 how to code through an individualized curriculum for each student based on their interest and grows from there. As technology and STEAM skills from future workers continues to climb, anyone can learn to code… It’s not all 1’s and 0’s.

TheCoderSchool was founded in Silicon Valley by two buddies, Hansel Lynn and Wayne Teng. Hansel was actually searching for a place to send his kids to school and couldn’t find any good options. He and Wayne started theCodingSchool which has been open for business a little over two years now.

General Manager of the Frisco location, Victoria George, says…

I was really lucky because I grew up programming. Starting around 7 – 8 years old, my dad always made sure I had a computer in my bedroom and we’d spend a few hours a week working together on it. I have always had an advantage in the job field because of it. If I can learn to code, so can you!” 

Technology development is a very creative process with quite a bit of artistry involved. Plus, it teaches children life lessons because programming isn’t painless. The program either works or it doesn’t and it’s up to the coder to figure out why while learning patience, persistence, and resilience.

What brought theCoderSchool to Frisco?

Frisco is booming! But what’s so great about all the expansion is that it still houses a close community environment. TheCoderSchool always expands organically, finding locations like Frisco that have a family-friendly feel. We want the kids to feel at ease with their friends, have fun, and learn at the same time. We can’t wait to get more involved in Frisco.” ~ Victoria George, General Manager – Frisco

TheCoderSchool curriculum starts with “Code Class,” a more traditional learning environment. This class generally teaches by breaking down a game into component parts, and having kids build and understand them (and embellish them) as they go. It’s where your kids can stop playing games and start making them!

“Code Coaching” is their semi private lesson program. With two students to one instructor, each student gets the attention he or she needs to really dig deep and learn real coding constructs. At the same time, two kids of a similar level and age play off each other and show off to each other for a more social experience. In a weekly one-hour session, Code Coaching is a perfect way to learn to code with a friend, or to come in and meet someone new. Code Coaching™ is a one hour weekly session.

“App Team” is theCoderSchool’s premium program that adds a presentation aspect to the apps our kiddos create. App Team includes one hour per week of Code Coaching along with an hour group session to get their presentations up to snuff! Every few months, the school conducts a Coder Fair to allow kids to showcase their awesome apps.

What’s coming up at theCoderSchool?

Camps are coming! A solid week of coding fun! Kids come to code in a collaborative way and share their cool ideas with each other by learning and working together towards a common goal. By the end of the week, each camper will have a functioning app or game that they built from scratch to show off to their friends and parents.

Plus, theCoderSchool will have several camps running all through the summer for Gamers, Girls Only!, and Raspberry Pi lovers. So, check out their schedule now and sign up for their email list to receive 50% off when you enroll your child!

TheCoderSchool’s full curriculum of classes will start February 27th and they couldn’t be more excited to be in Frisco! You can also see the team as they take part in Frisco Public Library’s summer STEAM nights!

3228 Main Street, Suite 110, Frisco TX  75034