The Future of HALL Park – World-Class Performing Arts Center Coming to Frisco

Tonight, arts philanthropist, chairman and founder of HALL Group, Craig Hall revealed his master plan to a packed house in a combined work session of the Frisco Planning & Zoning Committee and City Council. The plan will include new additions to HALL Park including a world-class Performing Arts Center.

Craig Hall is not only a trusted partner and entrepreneur. He is a strong arts philanthropist. He already gifted Frisco city with the Texas Sculpture Garden 20 years ago, the largest private collection of contemporary Texas sculpture made available to the public.

The fact that he is ready to donate land for a home for the Performing Arts Center at HALL Park shows incredible generosity and a true commitment to making our city a destination for the arts, as well as sports.

The advantage of this project is that it’s not a new development… Mr. Hall will be adding on to the already existing 162-acre, 17-building office park that is home to 200+ pieces of art in the lobbies, on walking paths, and across the open spaces in HALL Park.

How are Communities Changing?

The old office park of the past is dead… Walkability is key to the new Live. Work. Play. model. Robust mixed-use developments. Office, retail, residential, and hotel has been one of the major selling features to help attract the major corporate relocations like Toyota, Liberty Mutual, FedEx, JPMorgan Chase, and Samsung.

With a goal of approaching “18-hour activity” spaces, the HALL Group project will include an addition of a high-rise, concrete and steel, luxury multi-family housing development with 1400 to 2000 units completely – whether rental properties or for sale properties is yet to be determined.

Craig Hall says

The vision for the parcel of land cornered by Warren and Gaylord Parkway is a park space equivalent to Klyde Warren Park in Dallas complete with a Performing Arts Center and connected to office, a Convention Center hotel, retail, residential, and cultural buildings.

The Future of HALL Park?

HALL Park as a regional connector… It already has access and visibility to the Tollway, Gaylord, and Internet Parkway make HALL Park a pivot point for:


Tammy Meinershagen, Executive Director of Frisco Arts, says

Just as there are multiple sports venues in Frisco for baseball, soccer, football, and hockey, so there should also be multiple arts venues that accommodate the specific needs and requirements of symphony, ballet, Broadway, community arts performances, live music, and more. There is no one-size-fits-all arts facility. If the operational mission of each facility is clear and does not overlap greatly, they can all be successful.

The question to be decided is what defines a “performing arts center.” To Mr. Hall and Ms. Meinershagen, it’s fine art.

Mr. Hall’s career in business and as an author, civic leader, and philanthropist reflects the highest qualities of entrepreneurship and he is the only developer in Frisco known as an arts philanthropist.

Where do the citizens of Frisco come in?

What is the community component for both arts creators and consumers? We need to be clear on what the “arts community” means. The arts community is made up of both arts creators and consumers who have different needs and desires. Arts and entertainment options are both equally lacking in our city due to venue. It’s very exciting to see multiple projects coming to Frisco to accommodate the desires of the entire community.

What are next steps?

The new HALL Park concept will go into a regular Planning & Zoning meeting, and if approved, will move forward to the full City Council for a vote.