The Common Table Pours a Perfect Pint in Frisco

Photo courtesy of The Common Table Frisco

Frisco offers just about every variety of food you could wish for, and there are a number of great spots for wine. But if you’re looking for a great place with all of that plus an incredible selection of craft beer? Good news – The Common Table has come to Frisco.

There’s really nothing common about it. It’s a unique experience with good people, good food and really good beer to match. The Common Table in Frisco is the second location (the first is in Dallas) and has found it’s home at The Star. Owners Rodman Shields, Corey Pond and Mark Hearl have created a place where you can enjoy a local beer but not have to settle for everyday bar food. The Common Table is just as focused on food as it is about having quality beer on tap. And trust me, they serve some serious beer.

What’s Brewing

Logo courtesy of The Common Table Frisco

Dallas has seen a boom in breweries over the last few years and serious beer aficionados love to talk about it, pour it perfectly and try new flavors.

The Common Table takes pride in the process of how each beer gets from the keg to the glass and eventually to you. The beer lines are designed to prevent oxygen from getting in which could otherwise damage the flavor. Over time most lines might absorb color, aroma, and flavor which again can affect the beers in that line. Each of the beer lines at The Common Table is regulated, which means they can change the CO2 pressure for each beer tapped. The stainless steel faucets have a flow control valve allowing them to manually control the flow in which the beer comes out. This not only limits waste but pours the perfect pint. 

The Menu

If you think the beer sounds good, then you’ll want to check out the food also! It’s not “bar food,” but rather it’s a full menu featuring quality, delicious food. Chef Rodman Shields (also an owner) prepares contemporary upscale comfort food such as Ahi Tuna Tostadas, Roasted Vegetable Risotto and a bacon burger called “The Notorious P.I.G.”

Photo courtesy of The Common Table Frisco

Love a good brunch? The Old School Hip Hop Brunch is already being called one of the best brunches in Frisco, offering both great food and great “old school” tunes. This weekend mid-day menu is loaded with options from Chicken & Waffles to Breakfast Tacos. Maybe you’re satisfied with the simplicity of really good donut holes or pancakes – it’s all delicious. (Plus who doesn’t want to listen to Biggie while drinking a Mimosa?)

Special Events

The Common Table Punch. Photo courtesy of The Common Table Frisco.

The Common Table keeps it interesting with a consistent stream of special events that loyal patrons can depend on. Brewsday Tuesday, the Pour Man’s Beer Dinner, and the Ale Star Dinner Series which features various hosts, the most recent being David Walker “The Lion,” owner of Firestone Walker. These events are usually sellouts, and having seen the special menu that accompanies it, I can see why.

The Common Table also has local music every Thursday and Saturday which is great for Frisco as we continue to crave more live music close to home. They offer Trivia on Wednesdays (which pairs well with 30% off select bottles of wine) and Sundays.

Between the great food, beer, live music and special events, The Common Table is a welcome addition to Frisco and will fit in well at The Star. If you want to follow what’s brewing at The Common Table, check out their upcoming events, tap list, menu and more via their website or Facebook.