The Big Orange Pumpkin Farm Celebrates 20 Years in North Texas

Preston Trail Farms Brings Fun to the Farm

A year ago Preston Trail Farms opened its doors in Gunter, Texas. In addition to being the new home of the “Big Orange Pumpkin Farm,” Preston Trail Farms brought a True Value Hardware store to the surrounding communities and introduced visitors to the delicious food in the Preston Trail Farms Café!

Once again, North Texas residents are looking forward to cooler weather, Halloween season, and to excitedly plan their trip to The Big Orange Pumpkin Farm at Preston Trail Farms. Little did the Kimbrell family know when they began their pumpkin farm twenty years ago, that it would become an annual destination for thousands of North Texas and Oklahoma residents. Over the last year, thousands of visitors and school and church groups have come to Preston Trail Farms.

As Tiffany Scott shared on Facebook, “It is definitely an educational and entertaining experience. My daughter loved feeding the animals there and learned many things about their diets and how they are cared for. Not to mention the amazing family memories we made together last year. We can’t wait to come back!”

From September 17th through November 23rd, Pumpkin Farm will offer visitors a chance to experience blossoming small green pumpkins right on the vine, hayrides, a 6-foot hay maze, and a petting farm for a taste of the country life. Preston Trail Farms is open year-round to provide feed and hardware, a Café and a gift shop to serve the local community and those who want a “life on the farm” experience. Visitors enjoy the petting farm throughout the year as well.

Want a great way to give children a hands-on farming experience? Adults and children experience blossoming and small green pumpkins right on the vine, romp on hay bales, and interact with 50 different farm animals. Set along the historic Shawnee Trail, this year-round destination farm offers access to fresh local seasonal produce and an escape to a simpler and more sustainable lifestyle. Preston Trail Farms is located at 15102 State Highway 289 in Gunter, Texas, a year-round destination farm.

Learn about farm life and what makes each animal special. Get a taste of the country life and enjoy a hayride. There are interactive signs throughout the farm to help children learn more about all of the varieties of animals and pumpkins.

The Pumpkin Farm is open September 17 – November 23, 2016 from 8a.m. to 8p.m. daily, and the hardware/feed store is open from 6a.m. to 8p.m daily.

The Preston Trail Farms Café is open Monday – Thursday from 6am. to 2pm, 6am to 8pm on Friday and Saturday and from 6a.m. to 4pm on Sundays.