The Best Kolaches In Frisco


Image Courtesy Whitney

Anyone who’s driven on I-35, whether heading to or from the Metroplex, knows there is always one must-stop in West, TX… the Czech Stop to pick up some kolaches. In West, which is ground zero for these delectable delights, kolaches mean one thing – a pastry filled with fruit.

Of course, others think the word applies to any sort of pastry, whether it’s filled with sausage, bacon, ham, or other meats. It’s pretty much a matter of personal preference, but whether you stick to tradition and call ONLY the fruit-filled varieties “kolaches,” or if you use it more as a catch-all term, there’s no doubt just how popular kolaches have become in recent years.

And as Frisco has continued to grow, we are blessed to have several fine establishments strictly dedicated to serving up kolaches no matter your definition.


6851 Warren Parkway

A small chain that’s growing, I Heart Kolache is one of the newer restaurant additions to Frisco. They offer nine different fruit kolaches, including apple, blueberry, peach, plus cream cheese. Their fruit kolaches are a bit smaller than the competition.

However, I Heart Kolache focuses more on the non-fruit varieties with a wide range of sausage rolls both for breakfast and for lunch. These include breakfast favorites like bacon, ham and sausage, egg and cheese… savory combinations which can also be ordered on a croissant. Another option is the “Garden in One” which offers choices like potato, broccoli and cheese, potato, egg and cheese, and veggie. I Heart Kolache’s specializes in bacon and cheese, ham and mozzarella, turkey and Swiss, and pepperoni and mozzarella.

Customers can also take a “Walk on the Border” by ordering a jalapeno and cheddar, chicken enchilada, ranchero and jalapeno, or sausage and cheese. Those with a heartier appetite can give their “Meal in One” section a shot as it features barbecue beef, Italian chicken, and a Philly cheese steaks.

Located right across the street from the Dallas Cowboys’ new “STAR” complex, this relatively new addition seems to have a great formula for sustained success.


5995 Preston Road

Founded in Houston in 1982, Kolache Factory has grown by leaps and bounds over its 30-plus years and it landed in Frisco last summer. They offer nine different fruit kolaches including apple, blueberry, cherry, and cream cheese varieties. Kolache Factory also offers spinach, bacon and cheddar, ham and cheese, and sausage and cheese, but their best pastry might be the one featuring sausage and gravy.

One unique thing they do is offer a “Kolache of the Month” which for September is Caramel Apple. Sometimes it’s a kolache best suited for breakfast other times it’s a lunch item. The Breakfast and Lunch section of their menu features such favorites as barbecue beef, pizza, which consists of pepperoni and cheese, Italian chicken, Philly cheesesteak, and chicken enchilada.

Kolache Factory also features several selections dubbed a “Meal-in-One,” a section including egg and cheese along with the diner’s choice of bacon, ham, potato or sausage, egg and cheese. Their “South of the Border” selections include jalapeno and cheddar, jalapeno, sausage, jalapeno and white cheese, and ranchero. Kolache Factory serves up Polish sausages, both spicy and mild, as well as a hot variety. Along with several breakfast croissants, you can choose from huge cinnamon rolls, cinnamon twists, and muffins.

Sure, with everything on the menu, the Kolache Factory is true sensory overload every time you walk in the door, but whether you’re craving breakfast or lunch, there’s something for everyone. Even for the pickiest eaters on the planet.


3333 Preston Road, #102

Duane and Natalie hold several distinctions in the Frisco kolache scene. For one, they’re the original purveyors of kolaches here because not all that long ago when you wanted kolaches, Kolache Heaven is where you went. Case closed.

This affable and incredibly talented couple also err on the side of tradition. The only kolaches on their menu are the fruit variety. Sausage rolls are referred to by their proper name of “klobasniki” while other similar offerings are called meat rolls.

And as far as breadth of selection, Kolache Heaven wins that race hands down. They offer 14 different fruit kolaches, including such favorites as apple, Bavarian Crème, cherry, cream cheese, raspberry, and strawberry. Kolache Heaven creates several types of klobasniki (or sausage rolls): mild, which come with or without cheese, spicy, and jalapeno.

Their cinnamon rolls are another can’t-miss selection on their menu and they can be hard to come by on the weekends. Kolache Heaven also offers a huge, family-sized cinnamon rolls that have to be seen to be believed. But the best things on their menu might be their meat rolls, which can be filled with anything from brisket, chorizo, ham, and pulled pork to venison sausage. Plus with jalapeno croissant poppers on the menue, Kolache Heaven lives up to its name.

Besides their breakfast-related offerings, Duane and Natalie also whip up a mouth-watering selection of pies, muffins, and cookies. The only drawback to Kolache Heaven? They’re closed on Mondays because, as a sign on the front door says, even Duane needs a day off too.