The Art of Creating Custom Confections

This post is sponsored by Sweets on a Stick.

When Nicki Cooley launched her business, Sweets on a Stick, in 2012 she selected a name inspired by her first culinary passion, specialty handmade cake pops. But over time, she has proven that her creativity extends well beyond cake pops or a basic batch of cookies.

Sweets on a Stick offers an extensive menu of decadent treats, including handmade cookies, macarons, dipped baked creations, meringues, and specialty cake pops, all personalized for custom orders.

Nicki’s shop is located in a charming old house in the heart of historic downtown Frisco. Customers come to Sweets on a Stick for gifts, birthday parties, baby showers, weddings, and a variety of other events.

As Nicki has proven her talents, she’s begun to receive grander custom orders with out-of-the-box design concepts! Fortunately, she’s well prepared for such a creative culinary challenge and Nicki sincerely enjoys bringing her customer’s ideas to life.

I always love when people come up with these unique themes for their parties! The best part of my job is when I get to create something different!

Creating Custom Confections Isn’t a Piece of a Cake!  

Nicki’s customers have proven they have a high level of confidence in her creative talents! Orders have shifted from basic designs like hearts or flowers to highly personalized treats.

Some of her more unusual custom orders? One customer shared a picture of her uncle with Sweets on a Stick, from which Nicki designed cake pops that bore a remarkable resemblance to him! The adorable pops, lovingly referred to as “old man” cake pops, delighted both the customer and her uncle!

Another unexpected concept that has been both popular and challenging is sweets that look like other foods. Nicki has produced cookies and cake pops in the shape of donuts, ice cream, and pineapples. Possibly the most unusual food concepts? Crawfish, potatoes, corn, and pizzas!

It isn’t just cookie orders that get really creative. Cake pops come in all shapes and sizes as well. Nicki shared,

Some of the most challenging cake pops are animals. There’s a lot that goes into getting the right shape for those. Not just shaping the cake pop dough, but adding on things like M&Ms, pretzels, gummy worms, and chocolate chips to get just the right look. It’s the same with my Christmas pops. These are definitely the most detailed cake pops I do, but they’re always my favorite because I love Christmas so much!

Coachella, Cowgirl Boots… and Eyeballs?

What do you make for an optometrist’s office? Eyeball cake pops of course! Despite their less-than-sweet-inspiration, they were adorable and delicious!

Other uncommon design themes include the State Fair of Texas, cowgirl boot cake pops, and most recently, a Coachella-themed 1st birthday!

One of Nicki’s challenges is receiving a request for something very specific that she doesn’t have a cookie cutter for… She’s been known to resourcefully find another cutter to make it work, such as her recent bluebonnet cookies made from a Christmas tree and a dragonfly pieced together!

How DOES she do it?

It may seem like it’s all about the decorating, but first, you have to nail the perfect recipe! In the specialty treats business, design often becomes more important than quality and taste, but Sweets on a Stick is passionate about making creations that are not only fun to present but delicious too!

Nicki has developed her bag of talented tricks to avoid frosting fails and crumbled, misshapen cookies. How does she keep the dough from ballooning in the oven, and maintain that cute shape? How does she master the perfect mold for those cute cake balls?

As a self-taught baker, she’s learned a lot since she first began to create in her home’s kitchen. Piping bags, spatulas, paring knives, and toothpicks all help to make the creative designs, to spread icing into detailed corners, and pick up mistakes.

Nicki is happy to share baking and frosting techniques at her Sweets on a Stick decorating classes! Plan a fun night out with friends decorating cookies or cake pops! All of Sweet’s classes are designed with beginners in mind, so there’s no stress… Just fun! Classes are typically $35-$50 per person and BYOB!

The session includes a set of sweets to decorate, plus hands-on learning of basic decorating techniques. Sweets on a Stick will provide all the icing, sprinkles, sugar, and other things you need to make your treats.

Virtually Any Theme or Occasion

Sweets on a Stick’s specialty treats have become a Frisco favorite, and it’s no wonder! They’re impeccably designed, they’re always delicious, and as you can see, they can be decorated to match virtually ANY theme or occasion!

Nicki has accommodated orders as large as 300 and has supplied treats for many Frisco businesses. She works with Visit Frisco often, the Frisco RoughRiders, and recently donated cake pops to a skating event the Dallas Stars Foundation held with HopeKids. (She once made custom cookies for Lifestyle Frisco as well!)

Sweets on a Stick‘s confections are sure to wow your friends, family, business contacts or colleagues. Nicki Cooley has proven she has the skills to create whatever concepts come her way, and it’s her personal pleasure to bring your vision to life!