Susan Sanders – Developing the UNT Texas Fashion Collection

Interview #18

Guarding a unique repository of high fashion and style, Frisco resident Susan Sanders is the University of North Texas’ Director of Development for the Texas Fashion Collection. The TFC is dedicated to the preservation and documentation of historically significant fashion.

Watch as we walk through nearly 20,000 garments and accessories with Susan! Collected by a variety of notable groups and individuals, these artifacts of dress, fashion, and style continue to inspire students, researchers, and visitors on the UNT campus.

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Show Notes:

0:07 – The daily activity that Susan would “gold medal” in
1:00 – What is the Texas Fashion Collection
1:23 – Who started the TFC and what year
2:00 – From what century are the clothes in their most recent donation
2:42 – Why it’s so COLD in the TFC
3:26 – How you can visit the TFC

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