Bust Through a Fitness Plateau With Trial Classes

Do you work out regularly but feel like you’re in a rut? Is it a challenge to stay super motivated to lace up your running shoes, lift weights, or hit your favorite studio class? Over time the same activity, whether it’s eating at your favorite restaurant every Friday night or the exact same workout schedule, can become too routine. Some might even say toxic to the mind and body!

Start by Identifying the Cause of Your Fitness Rut


Evaluate whether or not you’re getting enough sleep, sleep has a direct effect on a person’s ambition and workout performance, so make sure to aim for seven to eight hours daily.

Caloric Intake

Are you ingesting enough calories, protein, and carbohydrates? While women should strive for 2,000 calories and men 2,500, this general number can vary due to age, height, weight, and intensity of a workout.

For example, at five foot one, I don’t require the same amount of caloric intake as a woman who is five foot ten. Age, metabolism, and whether or not weight loss goals are a part of your exercise program also play a role. Overall, the best rule of thumb would be to consult your physician to find out what’s best for your body.


Scrutinize the frequency, intensity, and time (F.I.T.) of your workouts.

Consider a Change

Although I’m active, I periodically find myself in a fitness rut. Sometimes, I temporarily fix my rut with new workout clothes or accessories. Something as simple as new hipster yogi bracelets may inspire and motivate me! However, when I’m up against a real wall, it’s time to change up my workout routine for a four to six week period. Over the next month, I strive to try a new fitness class once a week at a different studio. This will force my body to utilize my muscles in a different way!

The Truth is in the Trial

If you’re worried about trying something new due to the financial expense, don’t be! Most fitness studios offer a “trial” or “guest” class at a discounted rate (or even free in many cases). Others, like yoga, will often have a discounted class available for your first visit.

Take advantage of the opportunity to try something new and re-energize your workout routine!

Since I recently relocated halfway across the United States, I’m still learning about what Frisco has to offer. Free trial classes allow me to experience new studios, learn what I like in the fitness spectrum, how my personality jives with the instructor, and find a workout time that fits my schedule.

If you’re stuck in a rut or looking to bust through a plateau without breaking the bank, try a new fitness class in Frisco. Stay tuned to see where my fitness journey takes me! First up… my experience at JamBox Fitness. Stay tuned!

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