Starwood Cafe – Rise and Shine to a Neighborhood Breakfast

My family is partial to Sunday brunches.  Almost every Sunday, we meet up somewhere for pancakes or breakfast tacos, so this past Sunday we decided to try a new place, Starwood Café.

Starwood Café is a little homey restaurant.  It’s only open until 2:30PM everyday, and it specializes in offering breakfast menu and brunch options for families.  On the Sunday I went, it was packed with a 15 minute wait.  The place was buzzing with families and couples coming after church in their Sunday finest, and the line of people stretched from inside to outside.   Now, to me, a wait is always a good sign and I was right… the food didn’t disappoint.

Located on Legacy at Lebanon, in the Kroger shopping center, Starwood Cafe is on the corner at the end of the strip.  The outside seating area was filled with patrons waiting for their tables, children playing, and parents talking while drinking their coffees.  The Starwood has homemade warmth that’s hard to manufacture, it makes you feel at ease while being very family-friendly.  The inside is welcoming with rustic Texas décor, and a cozy seating arrangement that makes you feel like you’re stopping by your grandmother’s house for a visit.

The family-friendly feel also spreads out to the wait staff.  I’ve never seen waitresses so happy to help.  Even the servers that weren’t working our table were checking on us, asking how we were doing, and refilling drinks.  It felt like they wanted nothing more than to make us feel comfortable and right at home.

Now, let’s get down to the food, is it worth the wait?  They offer the breakfast standards like pancakes, waffles, eggs, all different forms of meats (ham, sausage, bacon), but they also offer lunch options for the hungry (Chicken Fried Steak) and the healthy (Chicken Apple Walnut Salad).

I ordered the Garden Veggie skillet.  It was an interesting medley of veggies… mushrooms and bell peppers and inspired choices like asparagus that surprisingly blended together for a tasty palette pleaser.  The skillet was filling and came with pancakes that were silver dollar size and fluffy.  I love breakfast food, so really any pancakes are good pancakes, but I would give these a solid A.  The biscuits, though, get a resounding A+.  Home-style…  thick and flakey like grandma would make.  While I enjoyed my meal, the only criticism I had was the lack of “oomph.”

Overall, I graded Starwood on a curve…. if you’re looking for a down-home place to meet the family, then I would recommend it.

Mon – Sat  6:30AM – 2:30PM
Sun  7AM – 2:30PM

4851 Legacy Drive,  Frisco, TX  75034