Start Your Day with a Coffee Kick at Mochas & Javas

Everyone has their own unique morning routine. Whether it’s an early trip to the gym, packing the kids’ lunches, or that long commute to work, you probably follow the same processes each day to get your morning started.

But, no matter your occupation or sleeping habits, most of us have at least one thing in common each morning… Caffeine cravings! Caffeine may already be part of your routine, but Frisco coffee shop Mochas & Javas wants make it the highlight of your entire day!

From Small-Town Shops to Big City Success

Brothers Kevin and Kirby Carswell were inspired to create a comfortable gathering place where people could come together and enjoy exceptional beverages and food, along with top-of-the-line customer service.

They brought their vision to life in 2003 when the first two Mochas & Javas locations opened in San Marcos, Texas. These cozy, independent coffee shops soon grew in popularity and the company expanded inside of hospitals, HEB grocery stores, and even turned their original location into a coffee shop and cafe hybrid titled Café M&J.

With 13 years of success in central Texas, Kevin and Kirby decided to expand their coffee empire further north to the bustling city of Frisco.

You can find the newest Mochas & Javas location on the corner of Eldorado and Legacy on the northwest side Frisco. The shop is open seven days a week to provide customers with piping hot coffee, teas and blended drinks, plus pastries and other tasty food options.

Enjoy their convenient drive-thru features you normally find at corporate chains, paired with the personalized customer service of a local business. Not only does everything in the shop taste great, it’s also health conscious and food-allergy friendly. Kevin says,

Our mission is to serve the finest quality coffee beverages and food to our guests. We strive to educate our guests on our products so they may make the best choice on their food and beverage selection.

Mochas & Javas works with local vendors to avoid high fructose corn syrup and other unhealthy additives. Teams at each location pay close attention to detail, crafting scratch-made products that you won’t find in your typical chain coffee shop.

When crafting new recipes, the Mochas & Javas team is always adapting to changing trends in the food & beverages industry. They offer delicious, nutritious vegan and gluten-free products, plus healthy beverage choices such as Bulletproof or Keto coffee, Matcha green tea, and a wide variety of loose-leaf herbal teas.

Through careful consideration and craftsmanship, Mochas & Javas is able to offer healthy options for everyone’s tastes and dietary needs.

Responsibly-Sourced Coffee Right Here in Frisco

Now it’s time to focus on the star of the show… The COFFEE! Rather than settle for the most affordable or easily accessible blend, Mochas & Javas chose to stick with their local resources to create exceptional signature blends of espresso and coffee.

Co-founder Kevin worked with RC Beall 0f Texas Coffee Traders to formulate the Mochas & Javas espresso blend that has been served for almost fifteen years. The Mochas & Javas blend and light roast-of-the-month are roasted weekly in Austin at Texas Coffee Traders.

When you sit down to enjoy a cup of Mochas & Javas coffee, you’re always tasting exceptionally fresh, high-quality ingredients that have been responsibly-sourced by coffee enthusiasts right here in the Lone Star State.

Make Mochas & Javas a Part of Your Morning

The M&J team is always looking to add new treats to their menu of homemade delight. Stay on the lookout for the brand new Zach Roll, coming soon to Frisco!

Named after Kevin’s grandfather, the top secret family recipe blends whole wheat and potato bread with a hint of molasses for an exceptionally light roll with a touch of sweetness.

While it’s technically a coffee shop, the true mission of Mochas & Javas focuses on providing customers with the best experience possible. Plus, in the spirit of giving back to the community and its loyal customers, Mochas & Javas has integrated multiple Customer Appreciation Days including Military, Public Service, Educations, and Student Appreciation days scheduled for this fall.

Still looking for an excuse to stop by Mochas & Javas? This company’s dedication to excellent customer service means amazing deals and treats for customers like you!

Celebrate #TreatYourselfFriday with 50% off fresh-baked Texas Kolaches that will pair perfectly with your favorite hot or iced coffee beverage.

And, be sure to join Mochas & Javas in celebrating their first year as a part of the Frisco community at their Grand Opening event this coming fall! Festivities will include complimentary food and beverages, live music, and  entertainment.