Solutions Automotive Frisco – Community-Driven

Joe Yannessa, Owner, Solutions Automotive

As someone might tell a young adult buying their first car, owning a vehicle is a big responsibility. From finding proper insurance to the cost of gas, the car payment, the recommended routine maintenance and unexpected mechanical problems. All of these things should be considered before buying a car.

Furthermore, how do you know where to take it for repairs? Is this a repair that you must take care of immediately, or is it something that can wait? Who can be trusted to provide an honest assessment and a fair price? These are questions that we all think about as car owners.

“I Know a Guy.”

When I lived in Michigan, it felt like we had mechanics on every corner. The neighbor had “a guy” he went to and trusted while the other neighbor had his “guy” that he swore up and down was the best. The great thing about both of them is that each one knew who to take their cars to without question. It wasn’t just about saving money or finding the best deal… They trusted them.

In this day of big chains it can be hard to find that shop or mechanic around town, but not in Frisco. Solutions Automotive opened it’s doors in Frisco this year and did so with a reputation backed by 25 years of experience.

Owner Joe Yannessa has been in the automotive industry for 25 years. For twenty of those years, Joe has been an ASE-(American Standard of Excellence) Certified technician for 20 years. That sounds impressive on its own but what’s even more impressive is how that title was earned. To become ASE-certified, technicians must pass eight areas of testing –air conditioning and heating, steering and suspension, engine repair, brakes, automatic transmission, manual transmission, electrical, and engine performance. The test itself is only administered twice a year. All technicians who pass the test are retested every four years. Needless to say, not everyone passes and the ones who do clearly know their stuff and have a passion for their industry.

Joe demonstrates that passion, and truly has always loved working in the automotive industry. The Frisco shop is his second location, the first being on Tennessee Street in McKinney.

The reason I started Solutions Automotive,” says Joe, “was because I found the need for better customer service in the automotive industry.”

Previous to starting his own business, he worked with several great companies over the years such as City Garage, Firestone, and ProCare. A diligence to work his way from the bottom to the top is one of the key factors which separates Joe, and the rest of the team at Solutions Automotive.


Being an active member of the community is a priority to Solutions Automotive. With the recent devastation created by Hurricane Harvey, Joe and his team spent a week collecting supplies such as personal items, pet food and water to fill multiple trailers and donate to those displaced by the disaster. Joe is heavily involved with the Allen Chamber of Commerce and involved in BNI (Business Networking Inc.) He has also been involved with the McKinney Chamber of Commerce for 9 years, proving he places a value on supporting local business, and fellow business owners. Needless to say, Joe will be a great addition to the City of Frisco.

One of the things I observed when I took my car into the shop was just how many services they offer. Brakes, heating and cooling, alignment, transmission, electrical… And those are just some of what they can handle. A lot of shops these days are only equipped to handle one or two areas, which can leave you looking for several locations to have your car serviced. Solutions Automotive is a one-stop shop.

We’ve all experienced scheduling issues when looking to take our vehicles in, but this shop knows how valuable your time is. The team will arrange to have your vehicle picked up from home. They also work late evenings to make sure that you get your car back as soon as possible.

The Difference

One of the biggest reasons this particular shop stands out to me is the level of dedication and service they provide, which sometimes gets lost in the everyday business hustle. Their quality work, approachability, and location make it easy for anyone to walk in, ask any of the technicians a question and feel comfortable leaving their vehicle.

To learn more about the shop, check out their website. You can also listen to Joe’s weekly radio show – “Dirty Muffler Talk with Joe Yannessa” on KVGI every Wednesday Morning at 10:00am.