Skratch – Poised to Make Waves in Frisco

Quick! Name something that we have a ton of in Frisco. Yep, that’s right…. Kids.

Skratch is a new app ready to make its breakthrough in the Frisco market. Based on the number of teenagers in our area that are looking for easy ways to make quick money, Skratch allows vetted adults to post gigs on the Skratch app. Teenagers aged 14-19 can select your gig and go by your place at the predetermined time to help you do whatever you need to get done.

As a mom of twins, I immediately thought of the random jobs around my house that I need done that I just never seem to get around to – like organizing the infamous plastic containers drawer. How did I end up with so many lids and bowls seemingly without partners?

As a high school teacher, I also immediately thought of my students who are often looking to make some dough to cover the teenage-hood expenses like dating, football games, and clothes.


  1.  Skratch has a list of suggested gig categories:
  2.  There’s no haggling involved because prices are preset.
  3.  The adult (a.k.a. as a “Seeker”) and teenagers (a.k.a. as a “Skratcher”) communicate via the app to iron out details.
  4.  You can plan 3 hours or even 3 weeks in advance for help.
  5.  There is no money exchanged… You pay via the app!
  6.  Skratch, the company, is based in Dallas and who doesn’t love supporting local?!?
  7.  Adults are screened via the Texas Sex Offender Registry.
  8.  There’s a two-way rating system where the Seeker and the Skratcher rate each other, much like Uber.
  9.  Skratch is currently in nine zip codes in North Dallas and looking to expand to Frisco. Sign up either online at their website, or via the app, and they’ll let us know when there are enough Seekers and Skratchers signed up.
  10.  You get the personal satisfaction of stuff finally getting done around your house while providing a hyper-local teenager with the ability to make some cash and acquire financial literacy skills!

Again, while Skratch is not yet LIVE in Frisco, please register within the app and you’ll be notified via email when Skratch arrives to your Frisco zip code.

So, here’s helping YOU, mom of 5 with the never ending laundry pile… Get to Skratch‘n!