Showing Men to Sartorial Style – Suad Bejtovic with J. Hilburn

With distinctive silver hair and a sparkling smile, you’ve probably seen Suad Bejtovic around Frisco, mixing and mingling at business and social events, and thought “there goes a dapper man!” Here’s why… Suad is one of the few, the proud, the J. Hilburn representatives helping men of all sizes upgrade their wardrobes and establish their personal style.

For men, shopping for clothes in stores can be overwhelming and inconvenient. With Suad, you’ll discover great clothes that are perfect for you without ever having to go shopping. Combining top brands, expert service, and unparalleled convenience to deliver a highly personalized experience that helps men look their best.

I sat down with Suad to discover more about his business…

Initially, I was just a client. I was always looking for a brand that made clothes that would actually fit me, so when I found J. Hilburn, it was a revelation. I wanted to wear my J. Hilburn shirt every day!

Not long after that, I was laid off from my corporate job, and my stylist invited me to join the team. At J. Hilburn, we encourage others to join us in providing exceptional service to clients looking for personalized clothing, and I accepted that as my mission.

I always believed that you should always dress a little better than the occasion requires, so J. Hilburn was a perfect fit, if you’ll pardon the pun.” 

J. Hilburn was founded in 2007 here in the Dallas area, and has been growing steadily ever since, each year providing more clothing products and more personalization options to more clients.

The core of the business is the custom shirt. A client starts with selecting one of over 250 fabrics, and then picks a dozen options, from collar style to the contrast stitching. Unlike department store dress shirts, which may have one size indicator (M, L, etc.), or maybe two (15.5 / 33, for example), Suad takes about a dozen measurements for the custom shirt to ensure superior fit. J. Hilburn custom shirts have won praise from magazines like Esquire, Men’s Health, GQ, and others.

Suad also offers made-to-measure suiting, including extended sizes. With about 100 fabrics from premium Italian mills to choose from, clients have almost endless options, from a personalized label to working cuff buttons. The jacket and trousers are sold as separates, so the clients are not limited to one size of trousers with one size of jackets. Also, clients can choose several fit types and even select factory alterations so that the J. Hilburn suit becomes their best-fitting suit.

On top of that, Suad has an extensive range of ready-to-wear items from ties and socks to sweaters and overcoats. Suad says,

In 2015, we started a partnership with Allen Edmonds, a premier American shoe manufacturer, so we now offer a number of their models for our customers. The goal of the ready-to-wear collection is for a client never to go through a frustrating retail experience of buying clothes. And at every step, I’m ready to help alleviate that pain in every way I can. Whether it’s by answering questions or offering suggestions, my clients learn to rely on me as a trusted advisor.”

One exciting program J. Hilburn has with Allen Edmonds is called “Build Your Own Neumok 2.0.” The Neumok is a beautifully crafted, old-world style, wingtip lace-up oxford and Suad’s clients can select one of seven colors and one of six soles for this popular shoe. Plus, a box of six colored shoe laces to match – ALL for ONLY $295!

So, why Frisco, Suad?

In a way, Frisco chose me! I moved here 2 years ago, got married here, and immersed myself in the community through my partnership with the Frisco Chamber of Commerce. Frisco is a boom town, expanding rapidly, and attracting all sorts of business owners and professionals who need or want to dress well.

Even in Texas heat, there are stylish sartorial solutions for every occasion, and Frisco has been very responsive to my efforts to raise men’s level of style. Frisco has an interesting blend of traditional and modern tastes and J. Hilburn is able to accommodate both.

With the Fall Collection in full swing, Suad has a variety of seasonal fabrics, patterns, and seasonal items such as sweaters and made-to-measure outerwear. He also is featuring a fantastic sale on Ready-To-Wear items from previous seasons – from polos and shorts to cashmere sweaters – get up to 50% off, but the sizes are selling out quickly!

If you’re ready to display your dashing side, or are looking for holiday gift ideas for those hard-to-please men in your life, Suad Bejtovic and J. Hilburn are outfitting gentlemen with garments delivered at a 100% guarantee and a value that is impossible for traditional retailers to match… Custom luxury menswear without breaking the bank.