Scott Pontikes – Founder of Scotty P’s – A FOODIE Before It Was a Fad

Interview #13

This week, let’s meet Scott Pontikes, founder of Scotty P’s Hamburgers. Scott was a foodie before being a foodie was a thing championing “fresh” before it was a fad.

With a delightful personality, Scott has built a family-owned restaurant with burgers that are fresh, “but not in a talk back to your Mom kinda way.” 


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Show Notes:

0:30 – The story behind the launch of Scotty P’s
0:40 – How many restaurants are there today?
0:50 – It’s all about the FOOD
1:22 – What makes Scotty P’s different?
2:00 – How Scotty P’s gives back to the community
2:48 – Scott’s motto for living

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