Savoring Spirits – the Frisco Scotch Society

Frisco’s growth is coming from people all across the country… Men and women who are here to take advantage of our fantastic community and elevate their careers. Nothing helps to push those careers and connections forward like networking, but meeting new people can be somewhat intimidating for most people.

If you’ve recently moved to Frisco for your job, you might not know anyone at work well enough to hang out with, and going to a bar for a few drinks might spark up some small conversations, but still won’t get you “plugged” in. So, where does someone go to network for business, or meet others with the same interest?

The Frisco Scotch Society was founded in in 2016 by David Manning for other goals than to just sit around and drink great scotch.

There’s been a expanding disconnect of needs and wants between some existing social groups, marketing groups, and business in the area. I believe more attention needs be given to the growing Greater Frisco area.”

David sees the new “transplants” to the area as great opportunity to make connections and grow relationships with many people form all fields and walks of life. The Frisco Scotch Society is a social club enthused about the fellowship plus the enjoyment and ambience of scotch along other fine aged spirits.

We want to be a social group bringing lively conversation while enjoying scotch. But, beyond the enjoyment of scotch and other fine age spirits, we’re focused on raising funds and awareness for causes and nonprofits. We have a lot of great synergy with listed groups and organizations like  Rotary International, Illuminate STEM and organizations that promote STEM education, and various U.S. Veteran nonprofits and causes.”

The group focuses on bettering each other and cementing strong relationships, and membership is growing fast approaching over 100 members.

The entry fee for a new member is $75 which adds you to the invitation list for private scotch events and more perks are being added as the group grows. Currently, the society is planning an April event, plus Randy’s Steakhouse and The Frisco Rail Yard are on the list for future event locations. Moving into later spring, the society is planning a “Whiskey Extravaganza” for May 4th in Dallas. Other events are in the works and several Frisco bars are eager to host the Frisco Scotch Society.

Several vendors and distributors are lined up to help in the events from scotch pairings with food and cigars and even a local brewery is going to be working with the group in 2017 for a bourbon barrel series.

For more information on membership or any other questions please email the group at or go to their Facebook page.