RoughRiders Giving Out Plenty of Freebies and Fun in 2017

Each spring everyone looks forward to baseball season, but this year our Frisco RoughRiders have other ways to draw fans to Dr Pepper Ballpark. From the Lazy River, their own man-made river mini waterpark just beyond the right-field fence, to a Texas Rangers prospect-heavy lineup, the ‘Riders have an exciting summer ahead of them.

In addition to the action though, the RoughRiders will also be giving away plenty of FREE t-shirts and toys this season. Here’s the complete breakdown of what will be given away at the ballpark.


5th:  Los Jinetes T-Shirt to the first 1,500 fans. As part of Cinco de Mayo, the ‘Riders will be hanging out Spanish-themed t-shirts, since Jinetes means “Riders” in Spanish, to the first 1,500 fans inside the stadium.

19th:  Princess Wands and Pirate Eye Patches to the first 1,000 kids. It’s Princess and Pirate night so it makes sense the ‘Riders will be handing out wands and eye patches to the first 1,000 kids.

20th:  ‘Riders Military T-Shirt to the first 1,500 fans. Seeing how it’s Military Appreciation Night, this is another fitting giveaway from the ‘Riders.

21st:  ‘Riders Cat Bandanna to the first 200 cats. The ‘Riders are having several “Bark at the Park” nights at the ballpark in 2017, so in the spirit of equal animal time, here’s a giveaway geared toward Frisco’s cat population.


2nd – 4th:  ‘Riders Strike Out Cancer Wristbands to the first 2,000 fans. The ‘Riders are giving out wristbands on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday as part of their Strike Out Cancer Weekend.

16th:  Roughned Odor Bobblehead to the first 1,500 fans. Thanks to his punch to the jaw of Toronto slugger Jose Bautista in May 2016 in Arlington, this bobblehead of the current Ranger second baseman Odor is sure to be a hot commodity.

18th:  ‘Riders Father’s Day Bow-Tie to the first 1,000 fans. Hey, it’s Father’s Day, so who better to honor than dear old dad, right?

19th:  Bark in the Park Giveaway #2 to the first 500 dogs. Dogs at the first “Bark in the Park” in April got a squeak toy. Wonder what they’ll get this time?


1st:  Nomar Mazara Bobblehead to the first 1,500 fans. Former ‘Riders standout and current second-year Ranger gets his own bobblehead.

15th:  Bob Eubanks Appearance. There’s no giveaway this night, but noted 70’s and 80’s gameshow host Bob Eubanks will be
making an appearance in Frisco.

20th:  Centaur Grubes Bobblehead to the first 500 fans. A quirky bobblehead featuring “Grubes” (A.K.A. Michael Gruber), a former 1310AM The Ticket radio personality in centaur form. This one truly must be seen to be believed.

21st:  Dawn Wells Appearance. No giveaways tonight, but Dawn Wells, who played Mary Ann on 70’s TV show Gilligan’s Island, will be at ballpark.


5th:  ‘Riders Aug-Toberfest Stein to the first 1,500 fans. The ‘Riders are celebrating Oktoberfest in August and handing out steins… a winning combo if ever there was one.

6th:  Kids’ Art Contest Baseball to the first 500 kids 12 and under. The winner of an art contest will see his or her work forever immortalized on a baseball.

17th:  “Grubes Riding a Unicorn” Bobblehead to the first 500 fans. Latest Grubes keepsake has him sitting atop a unicorn. A truly an unforgettable item.

18th:  ‘Riders Mini Football Helmet to the first 1,000 fans. It’s August and almost time for football season making this yet another timely giveaway.

19th:  ‘Riders Back-to-School Backpack to first 1,000 kids 12 and under. Kids don’t like hearing this, but back-to-school time is here, and a new backpack is always a plus. Dennis Haskins, who played Mr. Belding on early 90’s TV show Saved by the Bell, will also be in the park.

30th:  Bark in the Park #3 Giveaway to the first 500 dogs. The third and final “Bark at the Park” giveaway of the season will again see the ‘Riders handing out a dog-friendly item to the first 500 pups inside the stadium.


2nd:  ‘Riders Kid’s Wristbands to the first 1,000 fans. The final giveaway of season will see 1,000 wristbands handed out.