Room by Room Interior Design Tips: Entry Area Design

This is the sixth article in our “Room by Room” interior design idea articles.  You can read earlier articles about living areasbedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and dining rooms.

WELCOME!  Once the doorbell rings, your entryway is your chance to put your best foot forward as you welcome guests into your home. Whether you have a small landing space or grand foyer, the entry area is a great opportunity to showcase your style and personality in interior design.  After all, you never get a second chance to make a great first impression!  Here’s what I suggest considering to get it just right.

Welcome Guests With Furniture

Even if you never plan to actually sit in the entryway of your home, adding furniture to the area shows immediately that your house is a home inhabited by actual human beings.  Leaving it empty will feel like a sterile lobby, but adding an upholstered chair and a console table with a stack of considered books signals that your home is a place where guests can sit, relax, and enjoy your hospitality… Even if they end up doing so in the dining room or living room instead.

Keep It In Scale

If your foyer is a Texas-sized entryway with a huge vaulted ceiling, make sure that the items you feature in this area are sized appropriately.  A dainty French antique will look like dollhouse furniture in a cavernous entry hall, while a large armoire will overwhelm a small entryway.  Proper proportions are crucial in the entry space, so if you’re not sure you have the eye for balance and scale, a professional interior designer can definitely help with the technicalities.

Create A Gallery Vignette

It’s not enough just to place a cute chair in the hall and call it done… That’s most likely a missed decorating opportunity!  To really make an entryway stand out, I like to create a cohesive vignette that includes furniture, artwork, a rug, and accessories that all function together like a miniature room.  The right scene will have all the elements of a well-designed room showcased in just a few perfect pieces. Here are some of my favorite home entry area design ideas that are simple, yet create a complete scene:

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the entryway perhaps can be likened as the design window to the rest of your home. Having the right elements, with a well-planned and executed design, can ensure you and your guests feel warm and welcome once they step through the door.

At Nicole Arnold Interiors, we pride ourselves on working in collaboration with homeowners on all stages of interior design, whether it is just an entryway or an extensive home redesign or remodel. Call on us if you would like professional design assistance for your Frisco area home.