Room by Room: Turning a Bathroom Into a Tranquil Paradise

This is the fourth in our “Room by Room” interior design idea articles.  Read earlier articles about living areas, bedrooms, and kitchens.

Few rooms are as complex to redesign as the bathroom.  It’s one of the smaller rooms in your home, yet it requires more functionality per square foot than any other room.

For some, the bathroom can be a lower priority to address because of the limited time spent there versus other rooms in the house. Yet, for maximum efficiency, as well as resale purposes, second only to the kitchen, improving the bathroom is one of the wisest investments you can make in your home.

With the right design, the bathroom can take on an ambience as an oasis of relaxation and the pinnacle of function at the same time.  If you invest in well-appointed fixtures and accents, a great bathroom remodel will increase your home’s value and your continued enjoyment.  Here are some of my favorite bathroom design ideas.

The Ultimate Soak

Often, the centerpiece of your bathroom interior design is the bathtub. After all, a spa-like soak is what homeowners look forward to most in this room.

When relaxing in a tub, you want conveniences surrounding you to make you most comfortable. If the tub is built-in, a raised deck is a good option for storage along the edges for resting your favorite book, bathing potions, candles, or a bottle of bubbly.  If using an ever-popular freestanding tub, keep a bench or ottoman nearby or use a tray that spans across the top of the tub to rest these items.

In some cases, when the shower is the focal point, we can create a luxurious home spa experience. Multiple shower-heads mounted at various heights, including hand shower wands on a slide bar, are a favorite indulgence to make the shower extraordinary.

I love designing a beautifully tiled shower in which we can create geometry, softness, warmth or reflection to make a unique visual impact. When it comes to function, must-haves include built-in wall cubbies for bottles and soaps, a built-in bench, and a toe rest for ladies shaving their legs.

Beautiful Lighting

Another important part of creating a tranquil bathroom is lighting. Using a combination of recessed ceiling lights, wall sconces near the vanities and a pendant light over the bathtub is my favorite way to create a unique lighting design.

I always add a dimmer switch to the main ceiling lighting in the bathroom, as well as any chandeliers. It allows you ambience for that pampering soak in the tub as well as prevents that unwelcome burst of bright light in the middle of the night.

Incorporating high-quality, strategically-placed fixtures around your vanity and mirrors provide ideal lighting for makeup application and shaving. Attention to a specialized lighting plan is key in transforming your bathroom from builder standard to designer chic.

Keeping It Zen

Bathrooms tend to get overwhelmed with clutter, especially if you love to experiment with new skincare products and cosmetics. A professional bathroom design will include ample storage space to keep your surfaces uncluttered for a visually peaceful area.

Consider adding specialized storage cabinets, compartments or pullout trays inside vanity cabinet doors to keep makeup organized.

To achieve visual calm, I recommend keeping hairstyling tools handy but hidden as well. Dedicated holders just inside cabinet doors can do this with ease.

For soaps and lotions that you use every day, a series of matching, refillable bottles will enhance your design instead of displaying a mish-mash of beauty product containers.

Finally, color choices contribute in a huge way to a relaxing bathroom. Cool tones like sage greens, silvery grays, and steely blues have been most popular over the last few years. When combined with white porcelain fixtures and the perfect complementary tile, a fresh and clean appearance is born.

The addition of a favorite accent color portrayed through well-chosen accessories is the perfect final touch.

Haute Hint: for master bathrooms, tie in the wall and accessory colors with the colors in the master bedroom for a cohesive “suite” look.

Realize your unique vision with a professional interior designer. Visit our website for bathroom renovation images and additional tips to help you create that perfect bath area.