Room by Room: Decorating the Bedroom, Make it Personal

Second in our series of “Room by Room Interior Design Tips.” Read the first article about living areas.

As your personal sanctuary, the most important room in the home is the master bedroom.  Especially this time of year, it’s the one place you go to shut out the noise and stress of daily life.

Designing a bedroom is a matter of individual taste, and many interior design rules can be bent to allow for personal creative expression. But, regardless of how creative you get, a few best practices will help you achieve an ideally designed space that serves form and function.

So, when you make over your bedroom…

Start With Storage

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make in their bedroom is inadequate storage planning. If your closets seem continuously messy, off-season sweaters are piled in a bin (or a dark closet corner), or books are stacked on the floor waiting for a shelf, chances are that you need more storage!

You’ll never achieve the restful design you crave with clutter everywhere.  Start by assessing your needs. Consider how much drawer space your folded items require, how many feet of hanging bar you need, and what type of shelving system you’d like for your closet.

Lifestyle decisions come into play as well. For example, do you prefer to store all clothes in a closet which requires a more professional organized design to maximize space? Or, will you be utilizing furniture pieces in the bedroom to store items?  Will you dress in the closet or the bedroom which may require placing mirrors in strategic locations?  Once you know the sizes and capacity requirements your and your spouse’s wardrobe deems, then you can focus on finding the best pieces that decoratively suit your style.

Love Those Linens

The obvious focus of your bedroom is the bed, and bed linens can be the basis for your whole design. Choose high-quality pillows, duvets, and linens for how they feel as well as how they look.

I’ve never had anyone regret investing in higher thread count sheets or in a down or down-alternative comforter.  Start by choosing one or two fabulous fabrics that set the inspiration for the room. That color palette and pattern sets the stage for the rest of your design and accessorizing can easily continue from there.

Make It Personal

Your bedroom is your personal haven, and it might be the only room in your house that isn’t open to the public. Add personal touches and private treasures that you might not share with the rest of the world.

Go ahead and choose that bold wallpaper or display more personal artwork or collectibles. Think about what you do in your bedroom besides sleep.  Is it your restful sanctuary to read or listen to music?  Is it an active, energizing spot where kids come in and gather up in bed with you?  Is it an intimate space for you and your spouse?  It’s probably all three at one time or another so personalize your space to accommodate all your needs.

Think about how your master bedroom should make you feel (rested, relaxed, rejuvenated), and select the appropriate colors, textiles, and furnishings to enable you to enjoy the room the most.

Be Creative!

No matter what your decorating style, your bedroom can benefit from the same attentive interior design that you use for the rest of your home. After all, this is one room that’s just for you.  So, design it in a way that you will fall in love with the space you create for yourself each and every morning.