Rocket Fizz

Rocket Fizz in Frisco is now closed.

Growing up I remember how much I loved Halloween. Loading up a pillow case full of candy that lasted for months and months, Snickers, M&M’s, and Twix are still some of my favorites.

Then, there were the odd candies. The box of candy cigarettes or the gummy rats, and the the giant multi-colored jawbreaker that took weeks to finish. Those were the special ones that came once a year if you were lucky.

After hauling home the loot, it was time for reading comic books while gorging on candy and looking at all the stuff you could order with the wrappers on the last page. Exploding pens, disappearing ink, or the classic whoopie cushion. Sometimes I had enough wrappers to order those items but most of the time it was a pipe dream.

Not anymore! All those nostalgic sweets and treats are here in Frisco at Rocket Fizz!

Rocket Fizz opened its doors in Frisco almost two years ago and has been a fun addition to Frisco Square. In 2009, the flagship store began in Camarillo, California followed by the Sherman Oaks location. In less than 5 years, Rocket Fizz  has become the largest and fastest growing candy shop franchise in America with six locations in Texas.

When I stopped in I had the chance to visit with the owners, Bill and Laura Farmer, who talked with me about the very different brands they offer. Nostalgia is the key to this store. You’ll get it looking at bins full of different flavored taffy, wax lips, gummy bears, and more. With so much variety, I asked Laura what some of the big hits were.

People come from all over to look around and shop for stuff they had has a kid,” Laura said. “Slow Pokes, Charleston Chews, and all the teeth pullers are very popular items. We also carry quite a bit of European Candy as well as candy from Japan which tends to be sweeter than the US candy.”  

With over 1000 different styles and flavors of candy, Rocket Fizz is not a quick visit. Plus, you can choose from over 500 different sodas from across the country including some of their own brands. Sodas come warm or cold, and you can build your own six pack to take with you.

With my family, we create “pop tastings” and rate the taste of each soda. It really turns out to be a fun and sometimes scary game.  Root Beer, Martian Poop, Bacon Soda, Faygo, and now the much sought-after Vernor’s (for those of you from “Up North”). There is no shortage of choices.

A lot of people were coming in and telling us that they use to order some of these Root Beers online and pay a fortune for shipping. Now they just come here and love it,” Laura said.

Bill chimes in, “This summer has been really good for us and we have stayed busy. The FC Dallas games and the concerts have really helped our traffic as well.”  Bill went on to explain that one of the great things about Rocket Fizz is that all locations are a little different and carry different stuff. “We don’t have to worry about hunting down some of these rare finds because our main supply warehouses in New York and California handle all the leg work for us.”

Everything from the look, feel, and smell of the location takes you back to your childhood and makes you want to go back to a easier time. Even the music is a sound from a different era.

“We play over 5 decades of music on a playlist that my son made,” said Bill.  

On my last visit I heard Little Richard, Elvis, and The Beatles, all from the Rocket Fizz playlist that was put together by Bill and Laura’s son who said it was music he grew up with and heard his parents play.

Rocket Fizz also offers a discount for anyone who lives or works in Frisco Square and any city employee as well. They also offer a punch card that will get you your ninth soda for free.

“We have a lot of people in the area that come in on their lunch break or after work. The guys at Gearbox come over when they are testing video games and have bought cases of soda from us. We also get a lot of moms that come to get their children a treat because we only have items that are pure cane sugar and not pure trade,” says Bill.

If candy and soda are not what you are looking for, Rocket Fizz also has huge collection of old school tins, signs, and concert posters. From Bob Dylan to the original Batman, the tins are a great gift or collectible you can take home. They also have gag toys like the Whoopie Cushion, fake mustaches, Grow-A-Boyfriend, or my personal favorite, “Fart in a Bag.” Yes you read that correctly, and I can tell you that you DO NOT want this to go off in the car or in the house!

Rocket Fizz continues to grow in the media as well. They’re featured on the Cooking Channel’s Unwrapped 2.0, Undercover Boss, and another forthcoming show (details soon). They also have regular celebrity guest visitors like the late Rowdy Roddy Piper, Rob Lowe, FC Dallas players, and Gene Simmons.  Both Jon 5 from Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson each has his own soda and recently did a signing of those bottles for fans.

After my visit for this article, I didn’t walk out empty handed. I never do. If you haven’t seen the store yet, be sure to check them out this week…. Think of it as “research” for Halloween that will be here soon. Bring your kids, spouse, and friends because this is a truly unique place owned by great people that enjoy seeing people happy.

Rocket Fizz also is proud to be in Frisco. They are going to be involved with “Trick or Treat” the Square, and Christmas in the Square.