Resolve Pain and Recover Faster with Airrosti in Frisco

At some point or another, most of us have experienced recurring or even debilitating musculoskeletal pain in our body. Do you suffer from migraines or fibromyalgia? Maybe you have hip, shoulder, or low back pain?

You may be battling chronic pain right now! Forgo the old motto “no pain, no gain” because untreated pain actually increases blood pressure, heart rate, and cortisol levels. While no one wants to leave pain untreated, finding a truly successful treatment program for your condition can be difficult.

Airrosti has gained recognition across the fitness industry, and many people refer to it as a miracle treatment. If you’re a ‘Crossfitter or an avid participant of Camp Gladiator then you’re most likely familiar with Airrosti; it’s the preferred treatment methodology of both organizations.

Airrosti stops pain so that pain doesn’t stop you.

After years of chronic and debilitating hip pain along with temporary loss of mobility in my left leg after running, I opted to investigate this alternative therapy. I had a conversation over coffee with Dr. Jonathan Welch, an Airrosti Certified Provider in Frisco, who comes highly recommended in the area.

I was apprehensive at first, having heard horror stories from people I know about chiropractic adjustments gone wrong. To alleviate my concerns, I met with Dr. Welch a few times to discuss, and better understand what the treatment and therapy involves. Now, having experienced Airrosti for myself, I refer to Dr. Welch as the doctor with ‘magic hands’!

What does this “magic” treatment entail?

Airrosti stands for ‘Applied Integration for Rapid Recovery of Soft Tissue Injuries’ and is a patient-centered treatment approach that addresses the origin of soft tissue injuries. Sessions are one hour long. The first thirty minutes are spent with the doctor who will conduct an examination of the client’s posture and body movements to better understand how their alignment is being affected.

The 2nd half of the session is spent with a Certified Recovery Specialist who teaches the client to be proactive about their personalized recovery plan. Rehabilitation exercises are demonstrated and practiced together to ensure they’re being performed properly. It’s a teach-back moment! Typically a patient recovers from their pain within 3.2 sessions.

The Magic of Myofascial Release

During an Airrosti session, the doctor will also perform myofascial release. When I first heard Dr. Welch reference myofascial release (MFR) I looked at him like he had four eyes and horns sticking out of his head. Say what?

MFR is a treatment process where a doctor applies manual pressure with their thumbs to balled up myofascial tissue. The doctor will target a large area of muscle that feels sensitive, tight and rigid.

During my treatment, Dr. Welch applied pressure to my left hip, pelvic region, and low back area…the primary pain points on my body. Be prepared, because MFR hurts! I would imagine the receptionist in the hall probably heard me repeatedly exclaiming ‘OMG!” But, when I stepped off the table and stood up it was a WOW moment – there was an evident release of my pain. Like magic!

Why is MFR important? The procedure helps to ease constricted muscles, improving blood flow to the area. It also improves the lymphatic system and helps break down scar tissue. Think of pulling a string on a crocheted sweater and it knots up in a certain spot. Or a knot in a rubber band that has to be manipulated to unbind.

Athletes like Tom Brady (New England Patriots), Kevin Love (Cleveland Cavaliers), and Jason Giambi (previously of New York Yankees) utilize MRF treatment methodology to relieve pain and improve their athletic performance. Gerad Butler (one of my favorite male actors!) also is known to utilize MFR.

Resolve Pain at the Source

My Airrosti sessions helped me to discover that I was doing too much forward spinal flexion which created low back pain. While I worked my core muscles during running I failed to fire up my glutes which created pain in the hip. The great thing about the Airrosti treatment process is that it teaches you how to be proactive about your health to prevent further pain and immobility within the body.

If you’re struggling with pain in your body consider a shift from the “no pain, no gain” mentality and adopt a new motto: “Airrosti Therapy to be pain-free!” Obtain better mobility in your body and get back to doing what you love!

You can reach Dr. Jonathan Welch at 1-800-404-6050. He’s conveniently located at 8380 Suite 100, Warren Pkwy in the heart of Frisco. You might just have a WOW moment too!

Workout Tip: Keep a foam roller at home, and a lacrosse ball. These items can be utilized to roll out scar tissue and balled up myofascial areas. They can be purchased at a sporting goods store, Target, and inexpensively at Marshall’s.