Ready to Read Railroad at Frisco Public Library – presented by Leadership Frisco XIX

As if we are not already spoiled by our Frisco Library… Last year we were treated to a new interactive structure aptly called the Ready to Read Railroad.  Serving kids aged 0 – 5 years, it now serves an entrance or gateway to the Children’s Floor at the Library.

The Ready to Read Railroad is spearheaded by Leadership Frisco, Class XIX, a program devised by the Frisco Chamber of Commerce which strives to identify individuals who are committed to and invested in the growth and care of the City of Frisco and its future. The 2015-16 class worked closely with the library to design, raise funds, and implement this structure further enhancing the activities available to the children of the city.

Mayor Maso unveiled plans for this new addition early last year, and further underlined how committed the City of Frisco is to consistently serving its youth. The library draws in residents of all ages, but it’s important to note 10% of the Frisco population is under 5 years of age and one third is under 17 years. This year, our Library is celebrating its 25th anniversary, and it’s a library like no other. Plus, it’s all free!

We always strive to do more in the library, and in particular, for the education of our children,” Mayor Maso explained. “We should never take it for granted.”

The Ready to Read Railroad aims to increase early childhood literacy plus build school readiness in vocabulary and cognitive skills through imaginative play, talking, and singing.  The goal is that children will succeed right out of the gate starting in Kindergarten.

Frisco has a rich railroad history, so it seemed fitting that a railroad-themed play area would be the perfect choice for this idea. The Railroad is complete with interactive learning stations, a play kitchen, cute butterfly garden for babies, and a Caboose-themed puppet theater.  In these beautifully designed sections, children and their parents can participate in active learning together.

Ninety percent of a child’s brain develops within the first five years of life, so activities have been designed to encourage reading, writing, vocabulary, plus letter and number recognition.  There are also age-appropriate hands-on offerings that introduce STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) skills where children can learn about magnets and gravity.

Since opening last summer, this new feature has been a huge hit with the families of Frisco. With a limit of 28 people allowed to utilize the train center at any given time, for safety considerations, the library purchased restaurant-style pagers to manage the waiting list.

Especially since this is Spring Break week, drop by the Frisco Library to experience this new addition! And, if you’re new to our city, please take the time to explore all the other educational activities for children on the first floor. It’s SO much more than just books!