Randy’s Steakhouse – A Frisco Gem

I envy the residents of downtown Frisco sometimes. Not just for their quaint, picket fence homes, but also for the convenience of their location and the ability to stroll to some great Frisco restaurants. Among the many cute houses in historic downtown Frisco, Randy’s Steakhouse stands tall and proud on old Main Street. This beautiful historic home dates back to the 1800s.

Accolades include:

Dallas Morning News describes Randy’s steaks as “knock-em dead” and I can’t argue. I have dined here on several occasions: date night, couples’ night out, girlfriend get-together, and we’ve also hosted guests from Scotland who just had to have a Texas steak. I’ve never been disappointed,  and always enjoyed my meals in a very relaxed setting.

When you first enter, you feel like you’re walking into a residential grand hallway, with a home-like feel to the décor. After being greeted by the reception staff,  you travel hallways typical of an historic house, with wooden floors and walls adorned with portraits, on your way  to enjoy a drink at the bar before taking a seat in your choice of rooms.  Some rooms have a more intimate atmosphere than others, and selection will depend on the occasion and/or the size of your party, but it’s exactly what you would expect in a neighborhood, old town restaurant.

The appetizer menu boasts a wide choice of fish, soup & salad dishes. Two highlights for me are the Spinach & Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms and Randy’s Caesar Salad. The latter offers a twist on the usual sauce, with a hint of Jalapeno, peppers, and cumin.

The main course menu includes a range of steaks, all hand cut by Randy, or you can request that he custom a steak for you. Equally enticing are the variety of fish and seafood dishes including lobster, tilapia, scallops, and a “Catch of the Day”. The salmon is my personal favorite, with three preparation options, and oh-so-scrumptious side dishes. To complement the meal, there is also a notable wine list, offering choices from around the world.

Winner of many awards, Randy makes a point of visiting every table, every night, chatting with customers and measuring the success of the kitchen and service. As a customer service advocate, this little touch speaks volumes to the importance of feedback.

After dinner you can return to the bar for dessert where an open fire welcomes you along with comfortable seating and staff that delight in tempting you with the final course. The dessert choice is tough, but I’ve been won over by Randy’s Bread Pudding on more than one occasion.  If you just can’t consume any more food, don’t miss the signature Randy’s Coffee as a delicious way to wind down the evening.

All in all this restaurant has something for everyone and you will not feel out of place dressed up or down on any evening. The ambience is pleasant, and no matter in what room you find yourself seated, you can carry on a conversation without having to shout over people or music.

My husband and I will sometimes drop in at the bar for a quiet drink, where they offer a lounge menu of tasty options.  Those fall evenings also provide a perfect opportunity to try out the patio dining option.

While Frisco continues to explode with new restaurants, Randy’s stands firm as a neighborhood gem.  It’s a little bit of old Frisco that is becoming harder and harder to find. Treat yourself: don’t just drive by that magnificent house with the white picket fence anymore, make a date and go inside.


Open every day with happy hour from 5 – 7 pm on weekdays

Follow Randy’s Facebook page for specials including a hosted themed wine dinner on the last Thursday of every month.