– Mom Focused Fitness in Frisco

PureFitMom is a stroller fitness program at the park for moms  with their little ones in tow.  Cardio, strength, Barre, Pilates, and Yoga are all included in the program to create a unique fitness experience.  Owner, Charity Smith, wanted to provide moms with a great workout without having to leave their little ones.

Charity says, “After the birth of my son, Tristan, I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving him and returning back to work.  Thankfully, I was able to stay at home with him and even though I have LOVED it, somewhere inside of me, I still had a strong desire to be helping people achieve better health.  After a year of praying and seeking guidance, I continued to feel a stirring in my heart.  One door after the other opened and I finally felt that I had the confirmation I needed to pursue this venture.   I felt confident that I could offer an experience that was truly unique to what is currently out there and I knew moms would benefit from it.”

With over ten years in the fitness industry, Charity offers group personal training sessions for moms with the tools required to achieve their fitness goals.  The primary benefits moms receive from joining PureFitMom are:

  1. Being involved in a great fitness program and getting the tools to achieve personal fitness goals from a degreed and certified personal trainer.
  2. Community with other moms
  3. Little ones get to experience nature, meet new friends & watch their moms be a great role model for living a healthy life.  
  4. The little ones also play at Frisco’s new toddler park after most workouts.  

“When I designed the content of the program, I wanted to combine all the experience & knowledge I have been so blessed to gain over the years.  My training philosophy has always been that a fitness program with variety benefits our overall health the most.  That is why I have combined strength, cardio, yoga, pilates & barre in my program,” Charity says.

Curious what Barre is?  As one of the top trends in fitness right now, especially for women, Barre is basically ballet-type toning exercise that creates those long, lean muscles.  “In all my years in fitness, this is truly the only workout I actually saw that CHANGED women’s body shape, and is currently my FAVORITE workout!” says Charity.


“I was privileged to meet Charity through church prior to PureFitMom ever becoming a reality.  I have seen Charity’s heart through it all and she truly desires to serve other moms through fitness and health.  After having my daughter, Lyla, almost a year had gone by and I continued to think about joining a gym or getting involved in another fitness program, but I struggled with finding someone to watch my little one.  My mom guilt took a hold of me every time, so I was not consistent with anything. This is the only fitness program that I truly desire every day!  I find myself missing it the days that we don’t meet.  Imagine, as a mom, a fitness program where you get to spend special time with your baby (and let them experience nature), get the camaraderie of other moms, and get a really great workout in where you leave utterly exhausted but begging for more…  THIS IS IT!!” ~~ Courtney Holder

“I was new to the Frisco area & PureFitMom was exactly what I was looking for. Not only is it a great workout, but it’s fun! You get to spend time with your baby while meeting and chatting with other moms in the area. And Charity is great! She is motivating, personable & very knowledgeable when it comes to fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. I couldn’t be happier about making PureFitMom a part of my weekly routine!” ~~ Caryle Mann

Finally, for a LIMITED TIME, Charity is offering a “Bring a Friend Discount!”  Sign up with a friend in person at the Frisco Athletic Center and both participants can get $10 off of the first session.  (This offer ends 9/8/2013)  You can register for classes online at or in person at the Frisco Athletic Center.  You can also reach registration through the website at