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Real News Public Relations speaks Journalism… A language learned from years of experience inside the newsroom, writing, editing, and producing media content. The unique fact that Real News PR is the first firm staffed entirely of experienced reporters, editors, and producers is exactly why they are able to deliver valuable results to their clients.

Real News PR was started because long time television reporter, Jeff Crilley, realized the difference he could make connecting the people who tell the stories with the people who are the stories. After 25 years in the news business, Crilley founded the PR firm with the purpose of helping people get on the news. Crilley explains,

We use our team’s journalism streets smarts to help clients discover their story so we can give something the media wants and needs. He says reporters are looking for heart-warming stories every day. Real News PR helps shed light on those stories and quickly get them on television, on the radio and in print.

Soup to Nuts

Ten years later the business has evolved. In addition to securing news coverage for clients, Real News PR provides full-service video production, search engine optimization, social media strategy, web design, podcasting and a professional speaker’s bureau.

As Crilley observed the services and expertise his clients needed, he helped find them and now has a team to handle everything under one roof.

Real News PR likes to describe their services as “soup to nuts,” providing services which cover the common PR and web design functions from beginning to end but also fill in the gaps helping clients with crisis management, videography, headshots, photography, speaking engagements, writing and a digital broadcasting department who can broadcast a story or message live on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

The Power of the Podcast

When Crilley’s daughter said podcasting would be big, although he might not have been convinced himself, he moved forward with building a digital broadcasting team. As it turns out, podcasting is a hugely impactful media channel now and has become a noticeable method of creating and communicating with an audience.

Radio can bind talent and marketing partners by its terrestrial boundary, but with digital broadcasting you are global and your voice can be pushed out everywhere.

To execute podcasts for Real News PR’s clients, Manager of Digital Broadcasting, Josh Hart pulls from years of experience as a radio morning show producer and co-host.

If everyone seems to be podcasting these days, what does Real News PR do differently to make it effective? Hart explains that many podcasts are simply for hobby, when there are two other critical ways to utilize podcasts ­– marketing and networking. Hart added,

You can talk about Classic Cars on a Tuesday night podcast because you are having fun and aren’t focused on the outcome. You can market business services or products with the outcome of being seen and heard by as many people as possible. You can interview someone you are trying to network with the help open a door that was previously closed.

The team at Real News PR focuses on people who own their own business who are trying to do both marketing and networking at the same time. The key is finding the balance between growing your company and growing your influence, and Real News PR gets that.

Hart has worked on seven different morning radio shows, on two signals and on four stations and never imagined the shift that is happening. With the reach of digital broadcasting, Hart says you don’t necessarily need the big networks to grow your personal brand anymore.

We find what you are known for, what you do and where you fit in. Then we work to tell media outlets about you and share your story. We are really excited about the podcast shows we product for clients. From a judge talking about old murder cases to people in insurance talking politics, people are passionate about what they are doing.

One of the longest-running shows at Real News PR is Second Shot with Heath Oakes. The show sheds new light on current headlines but from the minds of a millennial mogul, Heath Oakes, and southern spitfire Chad Prather. Cresting the 85 episode mark, the duo has staying power and quite the loyal following.

Speed of News

Real News PR is growing. Speed of news is paramount for the Real News PR team to be effective. Things are done well and with quality, but quick to produce results. The growth means new digital broadcasting build outs and new studios are coming in order to continue delivering client results.

New digs in the works include a digital broadcasting studio with cameras and microphones plus a studio with an interview style set up of armchairs and a plasma screen.

Maybe your brand story will be told from the new Real News PR studios. To find out if you might be a fit to work with Real News PR, email Josh Hart at You might even get to jump on a Lunch Break show to get a feel for it and see if it’s a potential solution for you.

To discuss one of the many services Real News PR offers, start a conversation with Sarah Crilley-Hill, Managing Director. Sarah can be reached by email at, by phone at (214) 708-1573 or via the company Facebook page.

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