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When you walk into an Apple Store, you’re greeted by an enthusiastic associate who assists in connecting you with the specialized associate you need. Like many Frisco shoppers, you can quickly enter the store, obtain what you need, and and then check out with that associate on the spot. No line, no wait, no fuss. In less than 2 minutes, the transaction is done and you’re back to your life.

For an Apple-like experience at your Pharmacy, welcome to RenueRX Pharmacy. RenueRX delivers an emerging, boutique-care delivery model with an office that looks more like a spa than the traditional, back-of-the-drugstore counter.

At RenueRX, your full-service pharmacist answers the phone, there’s little to no wait time in store, and there’s no shortage of fast, friendly communication between the pharmacy team and you, the patient.

Why Choose a Specialty Pharmacy

When choosing a pharmacy, it’s important to know that they’re not all the same. Compounding pharmacies differ from traditional ones in that they offer other services such as customized and personalized medications prepared specifically for individual patients.

Working from a prescription generated by your doctor, dentist, or other medical practitioner, RenueRX combines those ingredients in EXACT strength and dosage forms that are tailored to the individual based on age, weight, potential allergies to ingredients, among other factors. The focus is on the whole patient to ensure each individual is getting the full benefit of their medication therapy.

Comprehensive pharmacy services include…


Medical care and treatment options can be complicated and overwhelming, but vital to “get right” for your health. During your private consultation, your RenueRX pharmacist will deep-dive into your personal health and wellness in a confidential setting.

Starting with a short review of your medical history, the session is driven by you – your questions and concerns about your health. Your pharmacist will then move the conversation to a medication-specific topic… the purpose of the prescription, proper dosages, special directions for use, proper storage of the medicine, the length of time the medicine should be used, refill instructions, common adverse effects that can be seen with the medication, and what foods and activities to avoid while taking the product.

While private consults are advised when starting a new medication, RenueRX offers them anytime you have a question about your general health, a chronic disease, or what your different treatment options are.

At RenueRX, their comprehensive approach to health care means that their pharmacists are always ready and willing to speak with you.

These folks are great! I’ve been a Walgreens customer for 20 years, and I’ve switched everything over to RenueRX. Their customer service is fantastic, and they go out of their way to get our specialty meds and always have them ready and waiting. We couldn’t be more satisfied with their products (especially compounded medicines) and enthusiastic focus on the customer. We highly recommend them. 20 stars! ~~ Doug S., Frisco resident





Drugs don’t work in patients who don’t take them.” ~~ Former U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop

Need Help Remembering to Take Your Meds?

For patients with numerous medications that must be taken with or without food and in multiple doses at various times in the day, RenueRX will set you up on their interactive text messaging program. Reminders for what meds at what times come directly to your phone helping you stay on track.

The program also features refill reminders (based on the amounts that have been taken to date), progress reports on how to take your medications correctly, alerts for other caregivers, and information on possible drug interactions.

How Do I Know If My Medications Are Covered By Insurance?

The most common questions RenueRX gets are, “Do you take my insurance?” and “Is my Co-Pay going to be the same?”

RenueRX accepts all, yes ALL insurances except for a plan called MedImpact. And, they handle the entire insurance billing process for customers by coordinating with your insurance company and physician.

What? I Don’t Even Have to GO to the Pharmacist?!?!

RenueRX understands that life gets hectic and having another item to take OFF your to-do list is a huge win. That’s why they offer medication delivery service designed to meet the needs and schedule of any client. Working hard to bring your local, trusted pharmacist to wherever you are, schedule your delivery to your home or office.

Don’t let your health suffer… Get on track for the best health of your life. RenueRX Pharmacy is here to help.

Monday – Friday  9AM – 6PM
Saturday  10AM – 1PM
Sunday closed

3110 Legacy Drive, Suite 110  Frisco, TX  75034