Two of the Most Peaceful Places in Frisco

As someone who has lived in Frisco since November 2003, I have naturally seen our fair ‘burb change a great deal over the past almost 13 years. And, even those who love the hustle and bustle which accompanies living here have to admit that sometimes you just have to get away from it all to gather your thoughts, refocus your energies, and gain a bit of perspective.

Speaking specifically of perspective, every one of us sometimes needs a little reality check, a moment where we have to realize what’s truly important in life. And fortunately, we have two great spots here in Frisco which both provide an instant dose of perspective.

Frisco Veterans Memorial

Located in Frisco Commons Park, the Frisco Veterans Memorial originally opened in 2004 and was expanded 10 years later to include a Veterans Walk of Honor circling the memorial.  Upon entering the memorial from the front entrance, you’ll see the small fountain in the middle which has a turning globe as its centerpiece and gives you the sense that Frisco is just a small part of a bigger world.

Then you’ll find comfortable benches honoring each branch of the US armed services: Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Navy in a beautiful tribute to our military. These benches face the middle and upper part of the memorial and are excellent places to sit, think, remember, and be grateful for the sacrifices many have made for our country and the world.

Up a small flight of steps at the back end of the memorial is a ceremonial urn honoring Frisco residents who fought in WW I, WWII, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and Desert Storm. The “Walk of Honor” runs around the outside perimeter of the memorial and is lined with bricks bearing the names of those who have served. Columns detailing each conflict in which the United States has been involved over the years also help provide a nice frame of reference.

In the back of the memorial, right below the ceremonial urn, is another small mini-memorial with black plaques bearing the names of Frisco residents who have been killed in action since Frisco became a city in 1902. The north-looking view from both the upper and lower parts of the memorial, which overlooks a meadow and a running/walking trail immediately conveys a sense of peace and serenity.

It’s hard to be in this setting and not think about the sacrifices of those whose names appear here and maybe any friends or family who served or who currently serve in the military. The memorial is especially meaningful for me since my late father served in the Army and his gravestone in my native Tulsa bears that fact, something in which I take immense pride.

Freedom Meadow

Just over a mile from the Frisco Veterans Memorial, on the northeast corner of the Warren Sports Complex, sits Freedom Meadow, a small yet incredibly moving memorial focusing on the tragic events of September 11, 2001.

A small stone monument sits at the entrance to this small memorial with a brief message in remembrance of all those lost on 9/11. To the right and left of this monument are benches, both bearing the name of a Frisco resident who was on one of the planes, United Airlines Flight 93, which crashed near Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

As for the view, the back of the memorial, which has a northward view of Freedom Meadow and beyond that Eldorado Road, features a small pergola-type structure to provide some shade even during the sunniest parts of the day.  And, even with the memorial so close to a major road, it’s still quite peaceful there and is another great place to gain some perspective and gather one’s thoughts.

Freedom Meadow opened in 2002, and despite now being nearly 14 years old, the memorial doesn’t show its age in the least and remains a hidden gem in our ever-growing community.

So, anytime you need a little perspective about how bad you truly do or don’t have it in life, try visiting either the Frisco Veterans Memorial or Freedom Meadow, two places guaranteed to not only give you a healthy sense of space, but also guaranteed to deliver some peace and serenity as well.